The Ireland Family in Kitley Township

The Ireland Family in Kitley Township, Ontario (photos and articles written and submitted by Cherylynn Ireland, 2020) Isaac Ireland b.1776 d. circa 1833 and Susan Cornell b.1771 d.1826 came north to Kitley Township circa 1800 as part of a Cornell family group from near Schaghticoke, upper New York state, where their families had farms sharing […]

Vintage Doll Collection

They have been called “Creepy” by some, and maybe they are, but to the little girls who owned these dolls they were beautiful and loved. Some dolls in our collection date back to the early 1900’s, and despite the ravages of time, still reflect the love that they once gave to their owners. We are […]

Wagon Wheel Tire Shrinker

The Tire Shrinker – Also known as an upsetter, was used to resize and weld buggy tires. When the hub and or spokes dried out from age and dry weather the outer band of iron called the tire would become loose. The tire could be heated and placed in this machine and then upset or […]

The Livingston Pneumatic Vacuum Sweeper

What is bigger than a breadbox and weighs 14 pounds? If you guessed a Pneumatic Vacuum Sweeper you were correct. It measures 17” long x 13” wide and 8” high and is a beast to push across any carpet. Was it revolutionary? Perhaps but only for a short while until with the coming of electricity […]

Pte. Albert Ellery Tallman

Albert Ellery Tallman, Pte No 859031 Albert was born in Toledo, Ontario on February 15th, 1885. His proud parents were Nelson Tallman (1852-1922) and Frances Ann nee Gorman (1854-1920). He was a member of a large family consisting of eight brothers and sisters. There is little we know about his youth or the rest of […]

The Bissell Carpet Sweeper

Another look inside the museum at our collection- The Bissell Carpet Sweeper History of the Bissell Carpet Sweeper A Simple Start: Spilled Sawdust…Anna and Melville’s Crockery Shop Like a lot of well intentioned people who plan on having a relaxing Saturday, we didn’t really mean to start cleaning—it just happened. In 1876, Melville R. Bissell […]

Pte. Frederick William Gray

Frederick William Gray # 454847 (Pte.) Frederick William Gray was born in Lyn on September 6th 1895. He was the second child born to his parents John Henry and Smiena (known as Mimmie) her maiden name was Graham. His parents were farmers and after attending high school at Brockville Collegite Institute, Frederick followed in their […]

Pte. Stanley Darling

Stanley Clarence Darling Stanley Clarence Darling was born on November 26th, 1894 in Lillies just north of the Village of Lyn. His mother was Fanny Darling and his father Wells. He was the oldest in a family of two boys and three girls. His brother Grant was born a year after him in 1895. We […]

Fire Insurance Maps

Goad Company Insurance Maps Charles Edward Goad (March 15, 1848 – June 10, 1910 ) was a noted cartographer and civil engineer. Goad is most noted for his insurance surveys of cities in Canada, Great Britain, and elsewhere. Fire insurance companies needed to know in detail the nature and size of buildings, width of streets, […]

Mallorytown Telephone Company

The Mallorytown Telephone Company was just one of hundreds small companies that dotted the rural landscape to serve local needs. It served both the Mallorytown and Lyn, Ontario phone requirements. The service connected with Bell Telephone at Mallorytown. In Lyn their exchange was located in the bottom floor of the Pergau Building on Main Street. […]

Soper’s Cemetery – 1838- 1886

Soper’s Cemetery, Lot 18, Concession 8, Old Kitley Township Note the cover photo above is of the Lyn Cemetery, we have no photos of the Soper Cemetery   List of grave sites as per the Brockville Genealogical Society   Last First Died Comments Aged/Born Jones Fredrick Soper Dorcas Dec 15, 1838 wife of Soper, Timothy […]

Jelly Farm Cemetery – 1876-1911

This is a small family cemetery that was for members of the Jelly Family. The cemetery is located on the intersection of County Rd 7 and the Atkins Lake Road. Photos from August 2016                   List of grave-sites as compiled by the Brockville Genealogical Society: Last First […]

Genealogical Archival Boxes

We have limited information on some families in our collection. Their names are listed below:     Museum’s Genealogical Archival Boxes Name Items Other names included Anderson, Alice deed of land 1937 Blake,Edna Baker, Arden News story 1985 Barton, Herbert Military Pass 1941 Berry, John Life Story Billings, Walter writtings Bissell, Sarah Mortgage 1902 Parker, […]

The Last Run of the B & W

Passing of the Farmer’s Friend A good and faithful servant retires to a well earned rest by Gertrude E. Wheeler (nee Forth) 1952 On August 30th, last year, the old B&W Railway of Leeds County, Ontario became only a memory — a fragment of Leeds County history. The engine whistled a mournful note of farewell […]

Avondale Farm – The Early Years

How many times have you driven along the Lyn Road, passed the large barns and the sign that reads “Avondale Farms”? Here is the story behind those barns and that sign. An article printed in the (Brockville) “Recorder and Times” appeared on Friday, July 23, 1909…… “Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Hardy, were hosts of a […]

Tannning Hides at Coleman’s Corners

The Tanning Business at Coleman’s Corners – March 7, 1850-  As written in the Brockville Recorder of 1850 The editor had been out to Coleman’s Corners, now known as Lyn, and in the issue of this date gives his impressions of the place as follows:– “This place, to appearance, has little to attract the attention […]

Toledo – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley Township

Toledo had three log schools in and around the immediate area. These schools were closed with the erection of a new stone school in the Village by the late 1840’s. This structure served the area until the 1870’s. In 1876, Mr. Robert Parker built a two room brick schoolhouse on King Street. Teachers of the […]

Memories of my Grandfather, William Henry MacNish

A Granddaughter Remembers Her Grandfather – William Henry MacNish by Margaret MacNish “My grandfather William Henry MacNish, was over 6 feet tall and carried a full head of snow-white hair. Heavy shouldered, he walked with a slow and dignified shuffle about the farm and up the oval driveway to the stone house. In spring, summer […]

Dynamite for Santa in the One Room School Christmas Concert

Christmas is a magical time, it was even more so when you attended a one room schoolhouse. It was a time before mass media and commercialism, a simpler time when our imaginations were the most important part of our growing up. We are fortunate to be able to share a story of those days written […]

Corporal Andrew Salomnson World War I Veteran

Corporal Andrew Salomnson 1887-1934 The year was 1887 when Andrew Salomnson was born (Andres Salomonsson) in Kall, Kall County, Sweden. If you were to look on a map you would find that Kall is located in the middle of Sweden, a pretty little village on the side of a lake. He was born on Tuesday, […]

Toledo – A Village in Kitley

Toledo There was a time when this fine old Kitley Village was known simply as Bellamy Mills, due to its proximity to the mills operated by Chauncey Bellamy on Bellamy Lake west of the village. The actual survey of Kitley was delayed for seven years until 1797. In the meantime, Kitley had its first settler, […]

Newbliss – A Hamlet in Kitley

Newbliss The village dates back to 1802, when United Empire Loyalists settled on grants of land given them by the Crown. Rachel and Isaiah Wiley were granted Lot 13 on the 4th Concession and opposite it Lot 13 on the 5th Concession was granted to Catherine Moore in 1805. Two dirt roads crossed at the […]

Lehigh Corners – A Hamlet in Kitley

Lehigh Corners  (Kilborn Corners) This community is situated on the southern fringe of Frankville, straddling No.29 Highway. In the late 1800’s a toll gate was operated here on the old Victoria Macadamized road running between Brockville and Smith’s Falls. The original settler was Gideon Leehy, somewhere around 1800. The spelling of the family name was […]

Jasper – A Hamlet in Kitley

Jasper   ( Irish Creek, Olmsted’s Mills) Jasper lies in the North East section of Kitley along the boundary with Wolford Township, with Irish Creek running through the village. Joseph Haskins, the first miler in these parts, settled on the future site of Jasper in 1802. At that time, Irish Lake was a muddy swamp […]

Lehigh Cemetery – 1831- present

Lehigh Cemetery – 1831 to present Concession 10, Lot 22, Twp of Elizabethtown Kitley*, GPS: 44.707355, -75.952617- Hwy 29 to Line Road 9 turn west south side of road. One mile south of Frankville on the Leigh Cemetery Road. (all photos taken November 2016)- 318 Line Road 9 A Brief History of Lehigh Cemetery Lot […]

Shane’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Shane’s School School Section No. 2 (School Section #2- Elmsley Township)   Concession #1, Lot 9, in South Elmsley Township (see map) In 1873, school trustees received the deed for a property of land from Henry Shane. A new stone building was constructed in 1875 (or 1887), replacing an older school further down the road […]

Rathwell’s School (Jasper) – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Rathwell’s School (Jasper School) School Section #22  (Wolford School Section No. 6)   Concession #4, Lot 4 (see map) After 1858 the school that was Wolford  SS#22 became Rathwell’s School, northeast corner of County Road 16 and Corkoran Road. (Note: on the 1862-62 map there was no school at this location, the closest school we […]

Newbliss School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Newbliss School (School Section No. 5)   Concession #4, Lot 13, built late 1830’s (see map) present address 655 County Rd 29 Newbliss village had a log school which was replaced in 1874 by a stone structure. Newbliss School was phased out of existence in 1961 with the pupils being transferred to Jasper. Newbliss had […]

Mitchell’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Mitchell School (School Section No. 16)   Concession #8, Lot 23, built late 1840’s (see map “This school was a Union School and served part of Bastard Township where it was known as School Section #17. According to an April 19th, 1849 Brockville Recorder, 65 pounds was granted to build a schoolhouse for this section. […]

Mahon’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Mahon’s School (School Section No. 10) Bellamys Mill was its own common school section, known as school section #10. The school, first built in 1836, was named S.S. #10 Mahon’s School. The first log schoolhouse burned down and was rebuilt in the 1850’s across the road. The school ran successfully until the 1910’s when it was […]

Lehigh’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Lehigh’s School (Leehy’s School) School Section #18   Concession #9, Lot 22 (see map) Gideon Leehy believed in educating the youngsters, so he put up a log school on the south side of Kitley’s Ninth Concession Road. The school lasted until 1851, when it burned down. By this time a number of other families had […]

Lake Eloida School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Lake Eloida School School Section #17 Concession #10, Lot 27 (see map) present address 153 Lake Eloida Rd.   Known as “17 Kitley and 19 Yonge” built on part of Concession 10, Lot 27 in KItley. It served the rear lots of 10 to 30 of Concession 10 in Kitley, Concession 11 of Yonge and […]

Kinch St. School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Kinch St. School  (School Section No. 8)   Concession #6, Lot 9, built 1840’s (see map) present address 735 Kitley Line 5 The first log school house here was built in the early 1840’s on the west corner of the farm of pioneer Isaac Foster. Known as S.S. #8, the log school burned down a […]

Judgeville School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Judgeville School  (School Section No. 7)   Concession #4, Lot 26, built prior to 1870 (see map   Excerpt from Dr. Glenn Lockwood’s book “Kitley 1795-1975” Judgeville School, S.S. No. 7, contained a public school and a separate school. The separate school goes back prior to the 1870’s, ad in 1872, Mr. James Dempsey was […]

Hutton’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Hutton’s School  (School Section No. 1)   Concession #1, Lot 7, built late 1870’s (see map) Present address is 852 Kitley Line 7   Little to nothing is known about this school. “It is presumed that the present stone structure was erected in the late 1870’s or sometime thereafter. It is also safe to presume […]

Frankville – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Frankville School We are not sure if the school S.S. 14 was the earliest school in the Frankville area. Frankville has a rather distinctive history as far as schools are concerned considering that it was the only centre in Kitley to have a grammar school which was the equivalent of a present day high school. […]

Crystal School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Crystal School  (School Section No. 12)   Concession #7, Lot 6, built 1875 (see map) George Hornick built the area’s first school. The school was located in Lot 6 of the 7th Concession. The exact date of the construction is unknown but it was listed in the 1861 census. It was a school which held […]

Coad’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Coad’s School Originally called Dack’s School  (School Section No. 6)   Concession #4, Lot 17, built early 19th Century (see map) presentaddress502KitleyLine4   The former Coad’s school, a stone building, was erected in 1875, replacing the earlier log cabin school. The school had originally been named for the Dack Family, but adopted the name of […]

Blanchard’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Blanchard’s School (School Section No. 4) Concession #1, Lot 26, built 1834  (see map) present address 47Kitley/SouthElmssleyTwpRoad Shane’s School enjoyed an upswing in attendance during the 1950’s, when more people moved into the area. Further down the Town Line Road, Blanchard’s School suffered reverses and was closed in 1956. Pupils from Blanchard’s were then transferred […]

Cornell / Rowsome Place Cemetery

Rowsome Place Cemetery, also Cornell Cemetery Concession 10, Lot 8, Cty Rd #7 – GPS- 44.747091, -75.868586                   List of grave sites as per the Brockville Genealogical Society   Last First Died Comments Aged/Born Cornell Cecelia C. Sep 1, 1863 Age 7 yrs, 11 mos, 2 d’s […]

Grant’s Creek

Crossing Grant’s Creek The creek takes its name from the original settlers of the area the Grant Family. We are fortunate to have old post cards, prints and photos showing how the original bridge looked. Today as you drive along the highway, you can cross the creek without really even knowing it’s there.     […]

Foxton Cemetery – 1832-1970

Foxton Cemetery – 1832-1970 Concession: 4, Lot: 14; Location: North-East of Tincap, on Airport Rd; Alternate Cemetery Name: Glazier – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.634215, -75.749818, Near 4522 Airport Road                     List of Grave sites from the Brockville Genealogical Society   Last First Died Comments Aged/Born […]

Lyn Cemetery

Lyn Cemetery Origins of the Cemetery and the Union Church The origin of Lyn Cemetery is obscure, but would appear to have originated with the first church, the Union Church, built by the Methodists on the spot where the drive-sheds for the St. John the Baptist (Church of England) were later built, now a parking […]

Glen Buell Cemetery – 1854-1989

Glen Buell Cemetery – 1854-1989 Concession 6, Lot 30 Location: East side of Highway 29, south of Glen Buell – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS- 44.634845, -75.838993, , The cemetery is located just north of house number 6065, Cty Rd. 29, dircetly north of the cemetery is a mowed path leading to the cemetery.- photos taken […]

Bolton’s Cemetery – 1833-1955

Bolton’s Cemetery – 1833-1955 Concession 10, Lot 4, Jelly Road, east of Fly Creek Rd- Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.765736, -75.787592, Directly beside a house at 11842 Rocksprings Road. Photos taken in August 2016                                             […]

Bell’s Cemetery – 1829-1927

Bell Cemetery – 1829-1927 also known as Bell Crossing Cemetery (Whitehurst Cemetery) Concession: 11, Lot13; Location: Rocksprings Road; Alternate Cemetery Name: Bell Cemetery  (1796-1927)- Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.752596,-75.830426 – located next to old Bell’s School now a house on 11654 Rocksprings Road. Many stones are in poor shape, large mound in the centre of the […]

Halleck’s – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Halleck’s School  (School Section #5) present address 2301 Halleck’s Road North. On June 28, 1963 the school rang its’ bell for the last time. The teacher at the time was Mrs. Marion Ross, and she was the last person to teach at the little brick school house located on the Halleck’s Road. The 27 remaining […]

Glen Buell – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Glen Buell School (School Section # 16) “Peter Booth’ School 1842 Dr. John G.Booth’s eldest son was Peter Booth, born at the farm in 1825. In 1842 at the age of 17, he started teaching at the log school in Glen Buell. He had 63 children, ranging in age from 4 to 17, and received […]