Genealogical Archival Boxes

We have limited information on some families in our collection. Their names are listed below:     Museum’s Genealogical Archival Boxes Name Items Other names included Anderson, Alice deed of land 1937 Blake,Edna Baker, Arden News story 1985 Barton, Herbert Military Pass 1941 Berry, John Life Story Billings, Walter writtings Bissell, Sarah Mortgage 1902 Parker, […]

St. James of Jerusalem at Jellyby

The Church of Ian by Tom Van Dusen Anybody shopping for Russel’s Ian Cunningham this Christmas has their work cut out topping what he gifted himself this year. Ian bought himself a church, not a table top porcelain church to place in a Christmas village. No Ian bought a full size stand alone church out […]

Signature Quilt of 1926

The 1926 Lyn Signature Quilt For some reason in the spring of 1926, the Lyn Women’s Institute undertook to make a signature quiltto be sold that autumn at their annual bazaar. Funds generated by such an enterprise were used for a variety of community works, and perhaps a special need was felt to supplement improvements […]

Lyn Cemetery – Listing of Interments

The Lyn Cemetery Recording by George A.Neville (as it appeared in the booklet “Families” vol.22, no. 4, 1983, November) NOTE: Grave Location Maps at the very end of this post NOTE: Alphabetical Listing of Names is in the middle section of this post The Lyn cemetery was recorded during three major visitations on the 6th, […]

Memories from a One Room School House

Story One Our little school (Yonge Mills) had a few memories besides education that stands out in my mind. At Christmas time before school closed our teacher and pupils held a Christmas Concert. For weeks we practised our part then one school afternoon we held the concert. A couple of the older boys would go […]

Seelee’s Corners- A forgotten Hamlet in Elizabethtown

History Of Seeley’s Corners (author unknown written in 1945) The location known as Seeley’s is part of Lot 32 in the Fourth Concession of Elizabethtown. From time to time this lot has been subdivided, there being several small parcels of land around the corner known as Seeley’s Corner. The total number of conveyances at the […]

Frozen Charlotte Doll

Frozen Charlotte Dolls Frozen Charlotte is a name used to describe a specific form of China Doll made from c. 1850 to c. 1920. The dolls had substantial popularity during the Victorian Era. The name of the doll originates from the American Folk Ballad, Fair Charlotte, based on the poem “A Corpse Going to a […]

Going to High School in the 1920’s

How many of you remember …? by Bessie B. Billings Do the 1920’s sound too remote for reminiscences called forth by B.C.I.’s 50th Celebrations We hope not, for many boys and girls who attended the old school, burned down in 1929, are now the white haired men and women who share the pleasures of the […]

The Latimer Collection (Part 3) – Cabinet Cards and Early 1900’s Gelatin-Silver Prints

The Latimer Collection contains many old family photographs. In this section we will deal with the various Cabinet Cards and Early 1900’s Gelatin-Silver Prints in the collection.   Surnames found in the photographs are: Borthwick; Boyd; Coward; Davenport; Davis; Dobbs; Gilroy; Halliday; Hicks; Hicky; Latimer; Percival; Phelps; Scott; Simpson; Slack; Talpin and Wright   Cabinet […]

The Latimer Collection (part 2)- Old Photographs

The Latimer Collection contains many old family photographs all taken in different photography mediums. Most of the photographs have names, but unfortunately some do not. We have posted all of them in hopes that someone will be able to identify them. Every photograph will have some connection to the Latimer Family. We have been able […]

The Latimer Family (part 1)

The Latimer / Nyland Family have been kind enough to donate many of the photos from which we have been able to give you a glimpse into their life and past family history. Unfortunately the names of some people have been lost to history. Family Portrait taken in December 1942 This photo shows the four […]

First Public Viewed Execution in Elizabethtown – 1853

Strange things sometimes happened to murders in Canada West. Witness the case of John Simpson, alias Christopher Hill, publicly executed in the jail yard at Brockville on November 17, 1853, less than six months after he had beaten to death John Fell, an Augusta Farmer, on a lonely country road within view of the country town..

Charlie Sanford Luckey – The Last Man Hung in Elizabethtown

The Luckey Murders There are several accounts that have been written about this tragic murder, but rather than quote from those accounts, we are providing you with transcripts from the newspapers that covered the incident. This way you will be getting the first hand account of how the events unfolded. The Irish Canadian, Thursday, October […]

Postcards for Special Holidays

Postcards were a chance for people to send “best wishes” for special occasions to their family and friends, or just to keep in touch. The postage on these cards was cheaper than a letter and the cost of the card less than that of an actual birthday or Christmas card as we know them today. […]

Post Cards from Niagara Falls, Ontario

Postcards were a chance for those travelling to send back home a glimpse of what they were seeing. Postcards give us a very accurate snapshot of the cities, buildings and people of that time, they give us a look into what daily life was like. For those who stayed home, a postcard was there window […]

Postcards from Canada

Postcards were a chance for those travelling to send back home a glimpse of what they were seeing. Postcards give us a very accurate snapshot of the cities, buildings and people of that time, they give us a look into what daily life was like. For those who stayed home, a postcard was there window […]

Fulford Pioneer Cemetery

Fulford Pioneer Cemetery Concession: 1, Lot: 28; Location: at the south end of Fulford Point Road, west of Brockville , established in 1786 – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS- 44.541371, -75.750953 Anyone visiting this cemetery should respect the  “No Parking” signs as this is private property.                       […]

Yonge Mills – a One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Yonge Mills School School Section #28 Elizbethtown  School Section # 2 & 3 Front of Yonge   The Yonge Mills School house is located on the Yonge Mills Road, approximately 3 ½ miles west of the village of Lyn.  On September 26th 1874 a ¾ acre lot was severed from the land owned by Mr. […]

Sherwood Springs – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Sherwood Springs School School Sectional #3 Elizabethtown  School Sectional # 1 Front of Yonge   The first school building was made of logs and located on the west side of Sherwood Springs Road, near the site of Jim Eligh’s brick house. It was started in 1851, but not opened until January 3, 1854. The second […]