The One Room Schoolhouse in Elizabethtown- Complete Listing

  For Photos, Maps etc. look under the school name on our website Addison School  (School Section No. 21) There have been four schools in Addison. The first was built of logs and burned. Both the second and third schools[1] in Addison doubled as Episcopal and Methodist Churches. The second school was a stone building […]

Butternut Bay

Butternut Bay is located at the very western edge of Elizabethtown Township in the First Concession along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. In Thad. W.H. Leavitt’s book “History of Leeds and Grenville” published in 1879 he writes the following about Butternut Bay: (It was originally called “St. Lawrence Central Camp Ground” “This beautiful […]

Patrick Johnston and Louise Knox – Our People, Our Heritage

Patrick Johnston and Louise Knox This is the story of two ordinary people who, in search of a better life, migrated to Canada in the early 1800’s. They were both born in Antrim, Belfast, Northern Ireland and knew each other in their early days there, but came to Canada separately, only to meet up later […]

Major William Read, United Empire Loyalists – Our People, Our Heritage

Major William Read, United Empire Loyalists and settler in Kitley Township Major William Read came to America from his native Ireland as a young man and settled on Bison Creek in the Parish of St. George, Queensboro Twp, Province of Georgia. The Reads, Lyles and Russells all had come from Ulster in the northeast part […]

Yonge Mills School Minute and Ledger Book 1877 to 1893

Yonge Mills School S.S. No 2 & 3 in Young and S.S. No. 18 in Elizabethtown We are fortunate to have in our collection the Minute Book and Ledger for this school for the years 1877 to 1893. Unfortunately there are some pages missing and some so faded that they are un-readable. This book gives […]

Kitley Agricultural Society

Kitley Agricultural Society The annual meeting of this society was held at the Edger’s House, Frankville, on Thursday last. N.H. Beecher, chairman; W.D. Livingston, secretary. The treasure’s report read as follows: Receipts from all sources, including balance from last report, $811.56; expenditures, $500.78; leaving a balance on hand of $310.78. The following officers were elected: […]

The Unionville Camp Meeting of 1895

The Unionville Camp Meeting Tuesday Aug 13, 1895 issue The Unionville Camp Meeting A union camp meeting will be held by the Athens, Addison, Frankville and Toledo, Lyn and Mallorytown circuits of the Methodist church on the Unionville fair grounds, commencing Wednesday afternoon, August 21st. Arrangements are being made to have the grounds thoroughly equipped. […]

Greenbush – News from the Village

The Athens Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser Excerpts have been taken from this paper referencing the following hamlet for the years 1889, 1894 and 1895 Greenbush- Jan 15 1889 Peace has been restored and the ‘little brown jug’ found. That ‘man in the North End’, mentioned by your occasional reporter, assisted very kindly to […]

Unionville Fair – September 17th, 18th, and 19th, 1895

CENTRAL CANADA’S GREAT FAIR BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER Unionville, September 17th, 18th, and 19th, 1895 Prince Leo Giving High Wire Performance He will perform innumerable acts on a spider-looking wire sprung from two to the highest telegraph poles which can be secured. A few of his acts are: Running forward and backward with feet […]

The McLean’s at Fernbank – Our People, Our Heritage

Robert McLean at Fernbank The old brick house painstakingly constructed by hand in 1823 with every brick handmade on the land surrounding the dwelling was built by Robert McLean. Five generations lived in the house until 1933 when it was sold. The story of the McLeans goes back to old Paisley in Scotland where Alexander […]

Bellamy’s & Clark’s Crossing – Forgotten Hamlets in Elizabethtown

Bellamy’s & Clark’s Crossing Are these two places forgotten hamlets or just names of railroad crossings on a map ? We have been unable to find out any information on either place. As the map shows Bellamys did have a station on the Brockville and Ottawa Railway, Clark’s Crossing did not. The only information we […]

Shane’s Corners – A Forgotten Hamlet in Kitley

Shane’s Corners The area around the community was initially settled by Lowland Scots. Otter and Hutton Creeks passed through the area but these waterways were not large enough to support a mill operation Shane’s Corners was a small settlement located along Highway 29 near what was the First Concession of Kitley. Shane’s Corners was settled […]

Lehigh Corners – A Hamlet in Kitley

Lehigh Corners  (Kilborn Corners) This community is situated on the southern fringe of Frankville, straddling No.29 Highway. In the late 1800’s a toll gate was operated here on the old Victoria Macadamized road running between Brockville and Smith’s Falls. The original settler was Gideon Leehy, somewhere around 1800. The spelling of the family name was […]

Jasper – A Hamlet in Kitley

Jasper   ( Irish Creek, Olmsted’s Mills) Jasper lies in the North East section of Kitley along the boundary with Wolford Township, with Irish Creek running through the village. Joseph Haskins, the first miler in these parts, settled on the future site of Jasper in 1802. At that time, Irish Lake was a muddy swamp […]

Blanchard’s Hill – A Forgotten Hamlet in Kitley

Blanchard’s Hill Blanchard’s Hill is reached by two roads, off of No.15 and off of No.29 highways. A large sign on No.15 Hwy three miles southwest of Lombardy proclaims “Blanchard’s Hill Road”. The road takes off from No.15 on an abandoned section of pavement, and then climbs the hill towards the old Blanchard Homestead. From […]

Row’s Corners – A Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Row’s Corners While the United Empire Loyalists of 1784 opened up the St.Lawrence River areas of Elizabethtown and Augusta late in the 18th Century, it was not until the early 1800’s the tide of immigration reached the ‘back40’s’ of these townships. One of these early homesteaders was farmer Peter McEachron who proved up on a […]

Greenbush – A Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Greenbush (Old’s Corners) Origins The lure of a fresh spring in the Canadian wilderness led to the founding of this community. In 1790, an 18 year old immigrant, whose family tree could be traced back to France of the 16th Century trekked overland from his home in Andover, Massachusetts with his bride, and after a […]

Gosford – A Forgotten Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Gosford This old community, lying in both Elizabethtown and Augusta Townships is reached by the Gosford Road which leads off the Brockville-North Augusta road eight miles northeast of Brockville. The early history of this old Elizabethtown township community has been lost in the mists of time, but it is known that settlers were living here […]

Rock Springs School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Rock Springs School (School Section # 19 – Kitley) (School Section #25 – Elizabethtown)   School Superintendents Report (Ontario Archives) Shows the following information, which in some cases contradicts what we have already researched, and contradicts other filed School Superintendents Reports: 1850: no report 1854: no report   If anyone has any information on this […]

Redan School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Redan School (School Section #20 – Kitley) (School Section # 26 – Elizabethtown)   Redan was settled in the years 1840-1860 by Irish Immigrants. The original inhabitants were the Youngs, the Marshalls, Burnetts, Pritchards, Motts, Richards and Wilsons. The old Richardson homestead here was originally part of a clergy reserve. In 1854 the government released […]

Mott’s Mills – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Mott’s Mills School  (School Section No. 3)   Concession #3, Lot 21, built c1833 (see map) Generations of Mott’s Mills children were educated at the community’s old one room school, which closed around 1950. The original log school was built on Lot 21 of the 3rd Concession of Kitley. It was succeed by a frame […]

Frankville – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Frankville School We are not sure if the school S.S. 14 was the earliest school in the Frankville area. Frankville has a rather distinctive history as far as schools are concerned considering that it was the only centre in Kitley to have a grammar school which was the equivalent of a present day high school. […]

Glossville – A Forgotten Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Glossville The motorist passes through the former hamlet of Glossville so fast that they don’t realize that they just passed through a bit of Elizabethtown history. Probably 100 to 125 years ago, Glossville was in its glory. But when the oldest residents of the area were in their childhood, the name of Glossville was already […]

Riverside Park Ice Skating

Riverside Park Ice Skating Rink Across from the mink farm, during the winters of the 1930’s was an open air skating rink that was enjoyed by both the people of Brockville and Elizabethtown. Located on the south side of the highway, across from the Lyn Road, the rink was lit up at night and if […]

Browntown – A Forgotten Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Browntown Few people today have ever heard of Browntown, but 100 to 150 years ago, this village of the Browns was a bustling, industrious community, with mills, houses, a black smithy, stores, hard working ambitious people and a fringe of prospering farmers with huge herds of cows. Prickly ash cover the slopes and only the […]

St. Andrew’s Church Cemetery

St. Andrew’s United Church Cemetery, Toledo, Concession 6, Lot 23,St.Andrew’s United Cemetery Board*, GPS: 44.739357, -75.997335 The cemetery is located between the two churches in the heart of Toledo   St. Andrews United Church                     James Hudson d April 27 1884 and Margaret Hudson d Aug […]

Bolton School- A One Room Schoolhouse in Elizabethtown

Bolton School (School Section # 23) The old Bolton School once stool on the property of Henry White. The school once stood near the Bolton Cemetery on Lot 5 of the Tenth Concession in Elizabethtown.  There were several Berry Families located near the school, and their children made up the larger part of the student […]

Bell’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Elizabethtown

Bell’s School (School Section #24) Wolford Twp (School Section #16)   Bell’s School was a shared school between Elizabethtown and Wolford Township. It was located on the Rocksprings Road and to the immediate east of the schoolhouse is the Bell’s Cemetery. There used to be a stone church in one corner of the emery, but […]