Box Set of Three Feminine Fragonard Fragrances

Fragonard Perfumes

The beginnings of the historic ‘Fragonard Parfumeur’ began in Grasse, France shortly before the First World War. By the 17th century, Grasse was the capital of perfume production with its ideal climate for the cultivation of roses, jasmine and other essential flowers that were used to make attractive fragrances. More importantly to the development of the Fragonard Perfumery, Grasse and it’s French Rivera charm, was becoming a popular destination for tourists. Entrepreneur and a perfume aficionado, Eugène Fuchs, opened his own perfumery in 1926 based on the idea of selling fragrance directly to the tourists. He named it in homage to the renowned 18th century French romantic painter Jean-Honoré Fragonard (1732-1806); a fitting tribute to the son of a master glove maker and perfumer who was born in Grasse, the city Fuchs also hoped to commemorate for its refinement of arts.


Zizanie, Moment Volé and Belle de Nuit fragrances – names of the original fragrances were inspired by their namesake’s paintings, such as Moment Volé and Belle de Nuit

Fuchs’ spirit and enthusiasm behind the success of his perfumery has grown under the help of four succeeding generations who have all contributed to Fuchs’ passion and design. For example, under the direction of Fuchs’ grandson Jean-François Costa, Fragonard went through a rapid expansion and modernization. Additionally, in 1978, Costa opened the Musée des Parfums, located on the top floor of the original perfume factory in Grasse that celebrates the role of perfume production in the culture and history of Grasse.  The museum is open to this day.  Currently, Fragonard is run by Costa’s three daughters; they have opened additional production in Eze and Paris, as well as greatly expanded the retail line in not only selling fragrances and perfumes, but also eaux de toilettes, cosmetic products, soaps, shower gels, old-fashioned bath salts, scented candles and home fragrance diffusers.

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