Grant’s Creek

Crossing Grant’s Creek

The creek takes its name from the original settlers of the area the Grant Family. We are fortunate to have old post cards, prints and photos showing how the original bridge looked. Today as you drive along the highway, you can cross the creek without really even knowing it’s there.

Grant’s Creek looking towards the river from a 1907 Postcard (Photo #1)


Reverse of postcard, postmarked 1907 (photo #2)



The mouth of Grant’s Creek as it flows into the St. Lawrence River c1900 (photo #3)


Grant’s Creek Bridge looking south (photo #4)


Fishing for Bull Heads on the Creek c1907 (Post Card) (Photo #5)


The back of the post card postmarked 1907 (photo #6)


Grant’s Creek Looking towards the St. Lawrence River c1900 (photo #7)