Lyn Cemetery

Origins of the Cemetery and the Union Church

The origin of Lyn Cemetery is obscure, but would appear to have originated with the first church, the Union Church, built by the Methodists on the spot where the drive-sheds for the St. John the Baptist (Church of England) were later built, now a parking area east of the church on a plateau above the cemetery.

Since the Union Church was the only church for miles around, it in effect became an inter denominational, Protestant church used by several congregations including Quakers. People used to walk or ride on horseback long distances to attend a “quarterly meeting”. It is said that the first Methodist Conference to be held in Eastern Ontario of the Methodist Episcopal Church was held in it and most of the delegates were from New York State and that a number of Bishops were in attendance. Unfortunately the church was destroyed during a violent wind storm on January 13, 1890. The bricks from this church were removed and used in the building of another Methodist Church at Glen Buell.

Although the total area utilized for the cemetery is not great, the cemetery consists of several portions of tiled land and others for which no records apparently exist. The first tombstones were large pieces of flagstone, and the oldest burials are to be found in the central region of the cemetery. Indeed the depression of the old service road may yet be seen in this part of the cemetery curving south-westerly from an old gate located midway along the northern fence line. From this point, an old lane way gently rises eastward to the road, a remnant of more easy access from the days of horse drawn vehicles. (excerpts taken from the magazine “Families” Vol 22 No.4 pub in 1983 and written by George A. Neville)

Concession 3, Lot 27, Location: East side of the Village of Lyn between the Veteran’s Memorial and St. John the Baptist Anglican Church.- Lyn Cemetery Committee* – GPS- 44.577355, -75.777818

Looking south towards the main cemetery gates


Lyn Cemetery 1784-1984 on right side of main gates







Stones embedded in wall behind main gates
Stones embedded in wall behind main gates








Looking east before entering the cemetery


Margaret Godwin, died May 10, 1856 aged 9 yrs, 25 days
Edith Borris died Oct 1878 aged 7 weeks








Mairman Judson died May 10, 1879





Looking West
Looking North
Looking North towards the gates
Looking West
Looking East
Looking east









Mary Clow, died Feb 16th, 1888
Mary Clow tombstone









Latham Monument
Latham Monument











Family Burial Plot of Richard Coleman




Gate to Coleman Family Plot
Elizabeth Booth, Died May 10th 1873, in Coleman Family Plot
Coleman Monument









Sarah Clow (L) and Margaret Clow (right)


Margaret Clow
Sarah Clow died May 29 1872










Mary Dixson died Sep 28, 1874
Mary Dixson









Nathan Baxter, Died Aug 24, 1886

DSCF6511 DSCF6510 DSCF6509



















Map of Graves at the Lyn Cemetery – See post on interments for names of those buried here. 

Lyn Cemetery Map 1


Lyn Cemetery – Map 2



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  1. Good afternoon, I am not sure if this the correct contact to enquire about relatives that are buried in the Lyn cemetery. If it is not it would be appreciated if you could supply the contact information for this purpose. I am the great grandson of William Robert and Sarah Jane Smith who it would appear are buried in plot # 486 along with their children Frank and Jonas. I have information from my father that my grandfather Fredrick Royal Smith is also buried in the family plot but there is no indication of this. Fredrick passed in January of 1945 while my father was still overseas during the war with the Canadian Army and he told me that he visited Fredrick’s grave upon his return. Any information you could provide regarding my relatives would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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