Mitchell’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Mitchell School

(School Section No. 16)


Location of school on map of 1861-62

Concession #8, Lot 23, built late 1840’s (see map

“This school was a Union School and served part of Bastard Township where it was known as School Section #17.

According to an April 19th, 1849 Brockville Recorder, 65 pounds was granted to build a schoolhouse for this section. It is presumed that this early structure was either frame or log construction and was replaced by a brick structure in later years. In 1872, the school teacher was V.L.Yates. In 1882 there was a petition requested for $190. to meet school expenses. The same sum was requested te following year. In 1909 the teacher was Miss Geneva Stafford.

The school was closed well before the 1960’s.”

(excerpts from “Kitley 1795-1975” written by Dr. Glenn Lockwood)



The Athens Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser

Tuesday March 5, 1895 issue

 Mitchell’s School (Kitley S.S. #16)

Honor roll for Mitchell’s school for the month of February. Names appear in order of merit.

Sr. IV.- Ethel Yates, Gordon Mitchell

Jr. IV.- John Fenlon, Myrtle Emmons, Anna Judge, Nellie Crummy

III. – Maude Fenlon, Stanley Bulford, Ernest Potter

  1. – Blanch Emmons, Minnie Judge, Alex. Dixon, Anna Maney

Pt. II. – Valeria Pratt, Susan Judge, Maude Yates

  1. – Florence Fenlon, Florence Montgomery.

C.L. Yates, Teacher


Mitchell’s School from “Kitley 1795-1975” by Glenn Lockwood