Judgeville School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Judgeville School

 (School Section No. 7)


School location on map of 1861-62

Concession #4, Lot 26, built prior to 1870 (see map


Excerpt from Dr. Glenn Lockwood’s book “Kitley 1795-1975”

Judgeville School, S.S. No. 7, contained a public school and a separate school. The separate school goes back prior to the 1870’s, ad in 1872, Mr. James Dempsey was trustee. A petition for the school requested $20. that same year. The following article is from a February 8th 1899 issue of the Brockville Recorder:

“We publish in this issue the judgment of Judge MacDonald in a case tried in Kitley in which the plaintiff Anthony Healy as the Collector of the Roman Catholic Separate School Tax, sued the defendant, John Carey, for the amount of his assessment. Mr. Carey admitted that he was a supporter of the Roman Catholic Separate School, but, in as much as he had leased his farm to his son, who was also a supported of the public school, and was to pay the taxes contended he was not, as far as the assessment was concerned, liable for the separate school tax.

The judge reserved his decision. The judgment is as follows:

“This case was tried before me at the last sitting at Frankville and I then reserve judgment…in my humble judgment the defendant being a Roman Catholic, and a supporter of the separate school is wholly exempt from paying public school rates or subscriptions upon him and have power to collect the same. My judgment is therefore against the defendant.”

The annual report for the Separate School No. 7 for the year ending 1882, showed that the teacher that year had a third class certificate. There were seven pupils, two boys and five girls. The schoolhouse was frame, the school premises were freehold.


Judgeville School – from “Kitley 1795-1975”