The Ireland Family in Kitley Township

The Ireland Family in Kitley Township, Ontario (photos and articles written and submitted by Cherylynn Ireland, 2020) Isaac Ireland b.1776 d. circa 1833 and Susan Cornell b.1771 d.1826 came north to Kitley Township circa 1800 as part of a Cornell family group from near Schaghticoke, upper New York state, where their families had farms sharing […]

Lyn’s Main Street General Store

The former Miller General Store on Main Street , 25 Main St West, was first owned by A. T. Trickey, who was a drug store general merchant. He ran it until approximately 1890 when it was purchased by Mr. Gardiner. Mr. Gardiner did not have a druggist pharmacy license so he hired a fellow from Tamworth, Ontario by the name of C. M. Taylor. He went to work for Mr. Gardiner, later married Mr. Gardiner’s daughter and eventually took over the store. They eventually took over the Gardiner house, which is north of the United Church. They lived there for many years and had one daughter who lived there until approximately the 1950’s. Then Eldon Coon took over that house and built a new house for Miss Taylor. The Coleman’s originally built the house, and it was said that every brick in it had been wrapped in tissue paper and shipped from England and all the steel rims around the outside had been made in France by the same people who made the Eiffel Tower. When John McCready took over the store it became more of a grocery store than anything. He sold ice from the ice house behind the store. Stack’s hotel that was next to it burned in 1928 and what was left of the walls remained there until the late 1940’s. He ran the store until the late 1940’s when he sold it to his son Dave McCrady. Dave ran the store for a couple of years and then sold it to Frank McCrady, his brother. In 1947 Frank sold it to Earl “Dusty” and Cleta Miller. They took over the store, enlarged it, fixed the apartment upstairs and lived above the store. They built a building beside the store from which they sold appliances. They ran it until 1985 when they sold it to the Pourier Brothers. Under their ownership the business didn’t survive and they left. The store was sold to a fellow from Hopetown. He started to renovate the inside but it caught fire and burned through the roof. The lot remained empty until Ursula Veltcamp bought it and built the little restaurant that is now there.

Mills of Elizabethtown Kitley Township

LEADING GRISTMILLS AND SAWMILLS IN NINETEENTH CENTURY ELIZABETHTOWN AND KITLEY TOWNSHIPS (Author Unknown) published app 2005 INTRODUCTION The earliest mill builders in Elizabethtown and Kitley were United Empire Loyalists who brought at least some “know how” with them from the former Thirteen Colonies.[1] Daniel Jones Sr. and Joseph Jessup, for example, had built and operated […]

Kitley Fire Department

Kitley Volunteer Fire Department- 1965 to 1985 The First Twenty Years    On May 6th, 1985, Kitley Fire Department celebrated its’ 20th Anniversary. During these years the Township of Kitley went from being without a fire department to having one of the best equipped and best trained in the Country. Accomplishing this took a considerable […]

Crystal School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Crystal School  (School Section No. 12)   Concession #7, Lot 6, built 1875 (see map) George Hornick built the area’s first school. The school was located in Lot 6 of the 7th Concession. The exact date of the construction is unknown but it was listed in the 1861 census. It was a school which held […]

Blanchard’s School – A One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley

Blanchard’s School (School Section No. 4) Concession #1, Lot 26, built 1834  (see map) present address 47Kitley/SouthElmssleyTwpRoad Shane’s School enjoyed an upswing in attendance during the 1950’s, when more people moved into the area. Further down the Town Line Road, Blanchard’s School suffered reverses and was closed in 1956. Pupils from Blanchard’s were then transferred […]