Coleman’s Model 4A Gasoline Iron


Coleman’s Model 4A Gasoline Iron in “Cool Blue” Enamel

Coleman, originally known for making lanterns, made over 30 different models of irons from 1929 to 1948. The myriad of fuel iron models manufactured by Coleman came in an assortment of enamel coloured finishes, such as turquoise, green, red, tan, and black. Perhaps the best known and most commonly found today is the “Cool Blue” enamel Coleman’s 4A gasoline iron.

The Coleman’s No. 4 iron was a short-lived follow up to the No. 3 that was quickly redesigned as the 4A iron, devised for enhanced efficiency. It became an instant success. The Coleman 4A gasoline iron was much lighter than the previous ‘sad irons’ and no longer required to be heated on the stove or by charcoal.

Label reads “Model 4A Instant Lite Coleman Lamp and Stove Co Limited Toronto, Canada”

Instead, the pump was used to build up pressure in the fuel tank and a match was lit underneath the iron, making a flame inside the iron that would distribute the heat on the surface. Despite these benefits, fuels irons made ironing a potentially dangerous job. They had a very real possibility of causing a fire or exploding. Gas-pressure irons, that had been manufactured as early as 1900, were eventually replaced by electric-powered steam irons, circa the 1970s, as an affordable and safer alternative.

Coleman Iron Trivet 


5 thoughts on “Coleman’s Model 4A Gasoline Iron

      • Hi, When we want an idea of an items value we usually check on eBay. Unfortunately we don’t have any idea of the value of your iron, except that if it is in the original packaging it would be worth more. Good luck with your iron.

  1. I want know the value of a blue porcelain Coleman Iron model 4A that I have,
    I also have the air pump and the Iron trivet all in excellent condition.

  2. I have a modle no. 4 iron i use it all the time never had any trouble with it only thing is if it has to be on low and it windy it can easy blow out

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