The One Room Schoolhouse in Kitley – Complete Listing

For additional information on each school refer to the school name on our website   Schools in Kitley by Name (listing by School Section Number at the bottom of this section) Blanchard School (School Section No. 4) Concession #1, Lot 26, built 1874 Coad School (Dack’s School) (School Section No. 6) Concession #4, Lot 17, […]

Yonge Mills School Minute and Ledger Book 1877 to 1893

Yonge Mills School S.S. No 2 & 3 in Young and S.S. No. 18 in Elizabethtown We are fortunate to have in our collection the Minute Book and Ledger for this school for the years 1877 to 1893. Unfortunately there are some pages missing and some so faded that they are un-readable. This book gives […]

The Tramp’s Funeral

The Tramp’s Funeral Long ago, the death of an unidentified tramp led to a merry wake by the farmers of the region west of Lyn. In the early 1800’s, two farmers found the body of a transient in a field north of Jones Creek. While they were discussing their find and wondering whether or not […]

Tincap – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Tin Cap School (Sectional School #9) A Brief History of the old Tincap school its’ teachers and students. When the first frame school was erected around 1802 a shinny cap of tin was set on the cupola. It could be seen for miles, particularly on sunny days. The school stood near the intersection of Hwy […]

Spring Valley – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Spring Valley School  (School Section #11) Spring Valley School was first located at the corner of W.E. Stewart’s field to the left of Ruben Davis’ driveway. The original school was an unpainted frame building that got so old, it could no longer be kept warm in winter. In 1878 the present school was completed further […]

Lillie’s – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Lillie’s School (S.S. No. 12 Elizabethtown S.S.No. 9 Front of Yonge) Lillie’s School was located at Lillie’s about five miles from Lyn on the Graham Lake Road. The original school was built of wood and located on the west corner of Hendry Road a quarter of a mile west of the new school. The wooden […]