We have spent time going through our various scrapbooks, books of obituaries and special events of the people who lived in and around Lyn.

From this we have managed to compile lists of names of the various people in these books and placed them in one central location in our upstairs Mary Hudson Room.

The books contain the names and the location of where the information can be found within the museum’s scrapbooks.

For anyone doing research into their family tree, we might have information that may be of use to you.

The binders are available for research purposes during our normal Sunday hours.


Family Photos



Museum Genealogical Archival Boxes


1 thought on “Genealogy

  1. my great great grandmother and grandfather were married in Greenbush in 29 July 1853. As of yet I have found no evidence. There names are John Schlarbaum and Louisa Seegmiller. Do you have any listings of marriages in your records or could you direct me towards the right people to ask and or find records. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    Sherri Greenwell

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