The Latimer / Nyland Family have been kind enough to donate many of the photos from which we have been able to give you a glimpse into their life and past family history. Unfortunately the names of some people have been lost to history.

Family Portrait taken in December 1942

The Latimer Family (photo #1)

This photo shows the four members of the Latimer Family, Deborah Adella, age 66; Anne Marion, age 23; Nina Gladys, age 35 and Lytle James age 70


Deborah Adella was born on September 13, 1876 on the Scott Homestead near Addison, Ontario to her parents Able Scott and Margaret Dixie.

Lytle James was born on September 13, 1872 in Glen Buell, Ontario to his parents Hugh Latimer and Sarah Boyd.


Adella and L. James were married on January 8th 1902

The front of their wedding invitation (photo #2)
The inside of the wedding invitation (photo no.2)










Wedding Portrait of Adella and L. James Latimer, 1902 (photo#3)


The wedding announcement as it appeared in the newspapers of the day (photo #4)

In 1928 Lytle James and Adella sold their farm near Lyn and moved to a house and farm along Number 2 Highway, just west of Brockville, ON




Poster for Latimer Farm Sale (photo #5)


Cedarholm Cabins

While living on the north side of Highway 2, L. James and Adella established and ran a “Tourist Cabin” business, which included a small store and gas pumps.

Cedarholm Cabins, business card (photo #6)


Adella and L. James in front of one of the cabins, September 19, 1936 (photo #7)


Cedarholm Cabins, located across and a little west of Fernbank Road (photo#8)




Adella and Lytle James at the counter of their small store (photo#9)
(photo #10)
(photo #11)
(photo #12)
(photo #13)
(photo #14)
(photo #15)
(photo #16)
Lytle James at the gas pump (photo #17)
Lytle James at the gas pump (photo #18)


The Latimer sisters, Nina Gladys and Anne Marion

Nina Gladys, known as Gladys, was the older of the two girls born on Tuesday, June 11th, 1907

Anna Marion, known as Anne, was the younger sister born on Monday February 17th, 1919

A brother Hugh Scott Latimer was born in 1912, but died within a year.


Gladys holding her baby sister Anne on her lap 1919 (photo #19)


Grandma Scott holding Anna (photo #20)
Gladys with Anne on her lap 1919 (Photo #21)










Anne Marion Latimer (photo #22)
Anne, Adella and L. James at their home on Feb. 17, 1929 (photo #23)











Anne on the front porch (photo #24)
Anne Latimer with her dog named Pat (photo #25)
Grandma Margaret Scott with her grandchildren, L-R: Anne; Della, Eric and Helen (Photo #26)









Anne bringing home the Christmas tree (photo #27)


L-R Gladys, Adella, L. James, Anne Latimer (Photo #28)
Adella and her daughter Gladys (photo #29)











Nina Gladys Latimer (photo #30)
Nina Gladys Latimer (photo #32)
Gladys Latimer (photo #31)


Gladys and her dog (photo #33)

Gladys worked for Canada Customs at the Lansdowne, Ontario Border Crossing

Gladys Latimer (Photo #34)
Gladys Latimer (Photo #35)
Gladys Latimer (Photo #36)



Gladys with her parents Adella and Lytle James Latimer (Photo#37)


Anne graduated from Queens University in Kingston, Ontario in 1940 with a Bachelor of Arts. She continued on to the University of Toronto and in 1941 graduated with a Bachelor of Library Science degree.

Anne was a leader in developing and providing library services across Ontario and Nova Scotia. She retired in 1984 from the Cornwall Library.

Queens Univ. graduation photo 1940 (photo #38)
Univ. of Toronto Bachelor of Library Science Degree 1941 (photo #39)










Essex County Library Co-Operative, Anne on the left (#39a)
Anne Marion Nyland (nee Latimer) (photo #39c)
Anne Marion Latimer (photo #39b)











On July 29, 1961 Anne Latimer married Herman Nyland, a widower with three children. The wedding took place in a small church at Long Pond, Nova Scotia. They lived happily together for the next 48 years until 2009 when Herman passed away.  

Wedding invitation for Anne and Herman, July 29, 1961 (photo #40)
L-R Herman Nyland, Anne, Gladys and Adella after the wedding (photo #40a)
Adella Latimer and her daughter Anne Nyland (photo #40b)











Long Pond United Church (photo 40c)

Deborah Adella Scott and Lytle James Latimer

Roy Scott and his sister Deborah Adella Scott (photo #41)
Deborah Adella Latimer (Scott) (photo #42)











Deborah Adella Latimer (Scott) 1876-1976 (Photo #43)
Lytle James Latimer (Photo #44a)
Reverse of photo which was a Cabinet Card by Dukelow Studio, Brockville (Photo #44b)












Lytle James Latimer 1872-1961 (photo #44c)
L. James Latimer (photo #45)
L. James Latimer (photo #46)
L. James Latimer working in his garden (photo #47)


Adella and Lytle James Latimer

(photo #48)
(photo #49)
(photo #50)
(Photo #51)
(photo #52)
(Photo #53)
(Photo #54)
(photo #55)










Family Photo c1930 Lytle James, Anne, Adella and Gladys (photo #56)

50th Wedding Anniversary 1952

(Celebrated in December 1951)

50th Anniversary Invitation (photo #57)


L-R: Roy Scott; Lytle James Latimer; Adella Latimer; May McCready nee Scott (photo #58)


The Latimer Family home, Highway #2 West of Brockville (photo #59)

Photos of other relatives of the Latimer’s and Scott’s are published in Latimer Family Part 2


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