Kilborn Spring on the Lyn Road

This little know natural flowing spring once attracted hundreds of visitors from around the area. The spring is located about 5 minutes south of Lyn on the Lyn road, where it intersects the Old Red Road (Chemical Road).

Whether or not this spring is still there now, we don’t know but in the early 1900’s it attracted people from Lyn, Brockville and the area who came with empty bottles and jugs to fill with this mineral rich spring water. The mineral water was thought to have healthy medicinal properties for those who drank it.

The spring took it’s name from the Kilborn family that lived and farmed in an old stone house just down and across the Lyn Road, that stone house still stands today.

The re-alignment of the Lyn Road in the 1970’s may have effected this spring.

A close up view of the outcropping of the limestone rock







Kilborn Spring
Looking north on the Lyn Road with the spring on the left
The outcropping of Limestone on the hill above the spring
Kilborn Sring
Kilborn Spring