The Brockville Country Club

The Brockville Country Club

Established in 1914 this club was originally a nine hole golf course with 7 holes on the south side of the highway and two on the north side. The original clubhouse was burned in 1937 and a newer clubhouse on the same spot was built to replace it. The clubhouse was located on the south side of the highway and had access to the river.

In 1976 the Country Club sold the existing portion of its property on the south side of the highway, and built a new clubhouse and curling rink on the north side and expanded to an 18 hole course.

Country Club c1960

The clubhouse and part of the gold course are within the Brockville City limits, while the rest of the course is in Elizabethtown-Kitley Township.


Brockville Country Club c1966
Original Clubhouse 1935 before the fire of 1937









Brockville Golf and Curling Club c1984 on the north side of Hwy No. 2





Aerial View of Country Club before it was closed and moved to the north side of Highway No. 2