The Lyn Road

The first road leading north from the highway after leaving Brockville is the Lyn Road, almost across from the Skating Rink. The Lyn Road played an important part in the war of 1812, as it was a major link between this area and Kingston. It was a forced road, meaning that it was not a “planned “concession road. People and wagons full of goods would go north on this road through the Village of Lyn and then on to Young Mills and west to Kingston.

Around 2010 the County of Leeds and Grenville eliminated the name Lyn Road and adopted a new name for the road “County Road 46”. The road still goes to Lyn as it has for over 200 years, but this road to Lyn has lost all traces of its historical significance as the Lyn Road, and has been reduced to a mere number.

Notice the Tape placed over the Rd. on the sign, a real cover-up job by the counties (photo Sep 2016)
Lyn Road at Highway No.2 (Photo Sept 2016)







An accident in the 1950’s
An accident in the ’50’s notice McLean’s Mink farm in the background









Lyn Road shown on a map from 1861-62


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