Kitley Cemeteries

This listing has been compiled from various sites on the internet. In researching this, we found that no one site contained all of the cemeteries listed below. In the future we will attempt to visit each cemetery and post photos and more information regarding each burial ground.

 We by no means, make any claims regarding the accuracy of this list. Anyone who is aware of corrections or additions to this list is asked to e-mail us so we can update the list. 

Abandoned Cemetery– Concession 9 Lot 11-  no GPS

Abandoned Cemetery– Concession 3, Lot 15- no GPS

Abandoned Cemetery– Concession 8, Lot 17-  no GPS

Abandoned Cemetery– Concession 9, Lot 28/29- no GPS

Brennan Cemetery– Concession 9, Lot 18, GPS: N44.44.032′ W75 56.359′, east of Frankville on Kitey Line 8 Rd, across from Soper Cemetery in a field

Campbell Cemetery- Concession 10, Lot 4, Cty Rd 7 to Atkins Lake Rd before the county line GPS N44 45.996′ W75 51292′ (Alternate names: Mrs. Scott’s Farm, Scott’s Farm Cemetery)

Cornell  Burying Ground – Concession 10, Lot 8, Cty Rd #7 – GPS- W44 44.824′ W75 52.114′ (also known as Rowsome Place Cemetery)

Dayton / Livingston Cemetery – Concession 7, Lot 26,  GPS- N44. 43.673′ W76 00.641′. Cty Road 29 north of Frankville take Baker Rd West to Cty Rd 8 West, south side of Road in field.

Ellis Family Cemetery– Concession 10, Lot 10, GPS N44 44.783′ W75 53.125′- on private property (also known as Morrison Farm Cemetery)

Forbes Anglican Cemetery – Concession 3, Lot 17, – Hwy 29 to Line Rd 3, north side of road (across from 483?) GPS N44 47.788′ W78 00.084′

Fowler Farm Burial Ground – Concession 6 Lot 17 – in the woods, west of Hwy 29 north of Toledo GPS N44 45.838′ W75 68.095

Graham Burying Ground – Concession 5 Lot 14,Hwy 29 to Kinch St. turn east before Lockwood Rd. in field GPS N44 48.852 W75 57.919 (also known as Luckey Farm Burial Ground)

Hanton Cemetery– Concession 9, Lot 14, 565 Kitley Line 8, Unregistered cemetery, east of Frankville on Kitley Line 8 Rd, on private property GPS: N44 44.535′ W75 55.583

Hewitt Farm Cemetery – see Washburn Burying Grounds

Jelly Cemetery- Concession 10 Lot 8 , Cty Rd 7 at Atkins Lake Rd, GPS N44 45.150′ W75 51.782′

Kilborn Cemetery- see Mitchell Cemetery

Lehigh Cemetery – Concession 10, Lot 22,  GPS: N44 42.447 W 75 57.151- Hwy 29 to Line Road 9 turn west south side of road. One mile south of Frankville on the Leigh Cemetery Road.

Livingston Cemetery– see Dayton Cemetery

Logan Family Burying Ground– Concession 8, Lot 10, Hwy 29 to Frankville east on Kitley Line 8 (Morrison Rd), past Mulvaugh Rd, north side of road, located off the road GPS N44 45.483′ W75.5422′

Luckey Farm Burial Grounds– see Graham Burying Ground

Mitchell Cemetery– Concession 9, Lot 30,  GPS N44 41.236′ W78 00.104′, Hwy 29 to line rd 9, west turns into Plum Hollow Rd, North side before Healey Rd. (Alternate name: Kilborn Cemetery)

Montgomery / Harlem / Delta Cemetery– Concession 8, Lot 26 ,GPS N44 42.809′ W75 58.457′,  in field on private land

Morrison Farm Cemetery – See Ellis Family Plot

Rowesome Place Cemetery– see Cornell Burying Ground

Soper’s Cemetery– Concession 8, Lot 18- Abandoned- GPS N44.067′ W75 56.449′, Hwy 29 to Kitley Line 8 Rd, east past Reynolds Rd., north side of road, right off of the road.

St. Andrew’s United Church Cemetery, Toledo, Concession 6, Lot 23,St.Andrew’s United Cemetery Board*, GPS: 44.739357, -75.997335

St. Philip Neri Roman Catholic Cemetery, Toledo- Concession 8 Lot27 GPS N44 43.459′ W76 01.318′ 

St. Philip Neri Old: west from Toledo to King Rd., to Lake Eloida Rd. 

St. Philip Neri New: Across the road (Hwy 8) from old cemetery  take road on the left or right to cemetery

Scott’s Farm Cemetery– See Campbell Cemetery

Toledo on the Hill – Concession 7, Lot 22, (Alternate name Cemetery on the Hill), Hwy 29, left on Cty rd 1 towards Toledo, cemetery on left just after the first house on the left GPS N44 302′ W 75 59.343′

Toledo Presbyterian, Toledo, Concession 6, Lot 23 GPS N44 44.358′ W75 59.824′

Washburn Burial Ground, Hwy 29 to (Campbell) to Ronan Rd. turn west then north on first road Campbell Dr. Cemetery at the end (alternate names Hewitt Farm Cemetery; Ross Cemetery) Abandoned, Concession 2, lot 13)GPS N44 49.241′ W76 00.094′



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