1 License granted to John White at Greenbush to operate a Tavern for the amount of one pound
1 License to Mrs Persons fee for Shop License be 15 shillings
2 Motion to employ some person to secure the stove pipes and add one length of pipe
2 The sum of 2 pounds be taken off the taxes of James & William Pearson of Pearsons Mill for the current year
3 To adjourn meeting until Nov 23 at 10 o’clock
8 motion to have the Reeve communicate Mr. Lewis Edgar of Ottawa re government debentures and interest on same
to hire a consultant for advice on future safety and guidance of this municipality
Division of funds for road purposes be taken from the Clergy Reserve Fund
Adjournment of the current council
1856 June
Inn Keepers License to Matthew Gallinger of Elizabethtown to sell various liquors and to live in the same residence dated March 1855
1 motion to allow the Reeve to pay interest on certain debentures
2 Motion to strike 50 pounds of the adjustment to of Hiram Booth, front lot no 37, 5th Conn
3 Front lots no 19,20 & 21 be added to sub division no 22
4 Front lots no 22,23,24,25,26,27 &28 in the 10th Conn be formed in a sub division and Jacob Smith be Road Overseer for the same
5 Lots 18 rear of 19 rear of 20 in the 10th Conn & Lots 19 & 20 in the 11th Conn be formed into a sub division and that Henry Stevens be road overseer
6 That John Forth overseer of Road Div 21 be authorized to give 20 day work authorization from his road duties to be expended on road division 20 of whom William Mott is overseer
7 License to Ralph B.Davis to sell spirituous liquors in quantities not less than one quart for the sum of 1 pound
9 Council adjourn until Monday June 23rd at 10 o’clock
1856 Feb 25th
Inn Keepers License to Jonas J. Cole of Elizabethtown to sell various liquors and to live in the same residence dated March 16 1855
1 The personal property of James Hall be struck the amount of 50 pounds on account of his liability
2 That the widow Rachel Stone be exempted from her taxes and statute labour for the current year on account of her inability to pay or perform being confined to her chair for years gone by
3 That Boyce Hall name and property be added to the assessment roll
4 That Minerva Healey widow be exempt from doing statute labour for the current year 1857
5 That the personal property of Alexander Bothwick be struck on the account of his liabilities in the amount of 50 pounds
6 That the statute labour of Eunice Healey widow of the late Ezra Healey be struck off for the current year
7 the sum of 7 pounds be granted to be laid in the repairing a certain bridge in the front of lot 5
8 The balance of the money remaining in James A.Chambers hands that was granted to the side road between 30 and 31 in the 9th Conn be expended in the month of June 1857
1856 Certificate of John Rowsom to keep and Inn and House of Public Entertainment

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