Rock School

School Section Number Unknown

Location of school on a map from 1861-62

The new Rock School was built in 1937. The school was built of native granite, quarried a few yards from the school. This new school is located on Hwy #2 west of Brockville, and west of Oakland Cemetery. It was regarded as a model rural public school with accommodations for over 30 pupils, indoor toilets, two cloak rooms, a teacher’s room, store room and a basement playroom.

The original Rock School was built in 1844, and stood to the west of the present site. Prior to this stone school an earlier log school stood on the bank of Grant’s Creek further east of the present location.

This school has been turned into a home and is located at 1405 McDonald Rd.



1891- Class at the Rock School (photo #1)


1901 abt – Class Back Row: Lena Lynn with white hat, Mabel Aredell Yates (married Wallace Grant b 10/1888) with black hat (photo #2)


1912-13 Class – Grace Wells Davidson Teacher – (photo #3)


1917 Class –Back Row 3rd from left: Irene Johnston (photo #4)


1920 abt. Class –Front Row: Clifton Somerville, Ronald Somerville, Fred Grant, Bryce Giffin
Middle Row: Jack Moore, Frank Grant, Edward Giffin, Lenna Somerville, Mary Popjoy
Back Row: Alice Davidson, Clara Popjoy, Orma Billings, Irene Johnston, Arnold Paul, Earla Montgomery, Ola Somerville (Teacher), Flossie Miller, Lena Lynn (photo #5)


1926 Class –Front Row: Doald Paul, Zigman Bak, Dick Kerton, Walter Bak
Middle Row: Eugne Bak, Jack Simpson, Ethel Kerton, Doris Hilton, Margaret Kerton, Mabel Hilton, Jin Williams, David Davidson
Back Row: Lois Marshall (Teacher), Jean Hollington, Dora Sommerville, Grace Hilton, Jeff Blair (photo #6)


1929-30 Class –Front Row: Wells Davidson, Keith Graham, Ernie Simpson, David Davidson, Geeorge Weir, Stan Moorhouse, Jack Simpson, Grace Hilton, Unk
Second Row: Harold Eyre, Inez Armstrong, Unk, Anna Latimer, Unk Graham, Jeitha Graham
In Doorway: Unk, Arnold Paul (photo #7)


1930 Class (photo #8)


In 1935 the new school was built and completed in 1937.

New Rock School under construction (photo #9)
New Rock School under construction (photo #10)








New Rock School under construction (photo #11)


The new Rock School (photo #12)


1939 Class- Front Row: Marina Morrow, Elma Slack, Catherine Slack, Betty Widdis
Second Row: Dianne Hogaboam, Unk, Patsy Jones, Douglas Easter, Marvin Latimer, Glenn Hogaboam, Harold Hogaboam,
Third Row: Dianne Poole, Jean Patterson, Muriel Jones, Sharon Poole, Jack Paul, Irvin Krugel
Back Row: Fredie Easter, Margaret Easter (photo #13)


1940 – Audrey Easter, Shirley Commerford and Marina Morrow (photo #14)


1940 – Grade 8 Class- Melvin Morin, Tom Simons, Reid Latimer, Bill Morin, Jack Paul, Margaret Easter, Ann Davidson (photo #15)


1940 abt. Class (photo #16)


1941 Class – Teacher Miss Anna Hudson
Front Row: Harold Hogaboam, Betty Widdis, Francis Slack, Catherine Slack, Elma Slack (the Slack Triplets), Glen Hogaboam
Second Row: Irwin Krugel, Sharon Poole, Diann Hogaboam, Bob Hogaboam, Marvin Latimer, Doug Easter
Third Row: Anne Davidson, Margaret Easter, Muriel Jones, Jean Patterson, Diane Poole, Patsy Jones, Jack Paul
Back Row: Donald Paul, Fred Easter, Reid Latimer (photo #17)


1942 abt. Class –Front Row: Glenn Hogaboam, Betty Widdis, Arline Morin, Catherine Slack, Audrey Easter, Shirley Commerford, Elma Slack
Second Row: Harold Hogaboam, Marvin Latimer, Francis Slack, Irvin Krugel, Dorothy Commerford, Billy Commerford, Douglas Easter
Third Row: Bob Hogaboam, Sharon Poole, Edna Morin, Jack Paul, Patsy Jones Jean Patterson, Diann Hogaboam, Muriel Jones, Melvin Morin
Back Row: Tom Simons, Reid Latimer, Fred Easter, Bill Morin (photo #18)


1945 abt. Class –Front Row: Elma Slack, Catherine Slack, Patsy Jones, Betty Widdis, Diann Hogaboam, Sharon Poole
Back Row: Diane Poole, Muriel Jones, Joan Patterson, Margaret Easter, Anne Davidson (photo #19)


1945 abt. Class- Front Row: Francis Slack, Harold Hogaboam, Glenn Hogaboam, Irwin Krugel, Reid Latimer, Douglas Easter, Fred Easter, Bob Hogaboam
Back Row: Jack Paul, Donald Paul (photo #20)


1945 abt. Class – Front Row: Glenn Hogaboam, Betty Widdis, Harold Hogaboam, Catherine Slack, Francis Slack, Elma Slack, Irwin Krugel, Douglaas Easter
Second Row: Marvin Latimer, Patsy Jones, Sharon poole, Diann Hogaboam, Bob Hogaboam
Back Row: Jack Paul, Reid Latimer, Diane Poole, Donald Paul, Jean Patterson, Fred Easter, Margaret Easter, Muriel Jones, Anne Davidson (photo #21)


1946, March Class – Front Row: Richard Udd, Stewart Paul, Wayne Hogaboam
Second Row: Nancy Latimer, Ruth McInnes, Marilyn Pyke, Lorraine Pyke, Marina Morrow, Pauline Widdis
Third Row: Francis Slack, Harold Hogaboam, Glenn Hogaboam,John Widdis, Lloyd Pyke, Catherine Slack, Elma Slack, Gordon Paul
Back Row: John Udd, Arline Morin, Shirley Commerford, Bob Hogaboam, Billy Commerford, Diann Hogaboam, Betty Widdis, Marvin Latimer (photo #22)



1946 – John Udd age 8 and Richard Udd age 5 (photo #23)


1946 – Slack Triplets, Catherine, Francis and Elma (photo #24)


1947 Grade 8 Class Betty Widdis, Diann Hogaboam, Patsy Jones, Muriel Jones, Reid Latimer (photo #25)


1950 Class – Front Row: Howard Baker, Bob Elliott, Ronald Purser, Harold Hogaboam, Robert Thornhill, John Widdis, Gordon Paul, Wayne Hogaboam, Stewart Paul
Back Row: Helen Thornhill, Nancy Steacy, Shirley Steacy, Pauline Widdis, Shirley Renwick, Anna Hudson (Teacher), Marina Morrow, Shirley Commerford, Marlyn Renwick, Peggy Paice (photo #26)


1950 School Choir (photo #27)


1953 Class – First Row- 1st Boy Douglas Streacy, 8th Boy Allan Steacy, 10th boy Arthur Baker; Back Row: 4th girl Nancy Steacy (photo #28)


1953- Class lower grades (photo #29)


1954 School Choir – Front Row: Susan Grant, Betty Ann Dunleavy, Walter Fox, Eleanor Grant, Alan Steacy
Middle Row: Bob, Chick, Martin Smallgange, Marie Dunleavy, Douglas Steacy, Trynko Smallgange, Ronnie Ralph
Back Row: Howard Baker, Marion Sargent, Nancy Steacy, Theo Smallgange, Stewart Paul, Charles Sargent, Unk Lemieux (photo #30)


1956 School Choir – (photo #31)


1958 abt – Georgina Slack, Teacher on the left, Nancy Steacy on the right (photo #32)


1958, May – Rock School (photo #33)


1958 School Choir –Front Row seated: Roger Golledge, Brian Ralph
Second Row: Sandra unk, Elaine Eldridge, Jane Ferguson, Steve Hudson, Unk Hoare, Dennis Leeder
Back Row: Gary Box, June Sargent, Sharon Billings, Rickie Carter, Donna Billings, Barbara Widdis, Shirley St.John (photo #34)


1960 – Rock School (photo #35)


1968-69 Grades 1 &2 – Front Row: Ralph Barker, Robert Clow, John Davidson, Robin Harper, Harvey Goosens, Ralph Neil, John Henderson
Middle Row: Angie McGhie Cindy Foley, Carol Harper, Brent Dye, Marnie Wilson, Joanne Vanvelze, Mark Lalonde, Judy Marshall, Margaret Vanvelze, Larry Hodge
Back Row: Miss knack (Teacher), Martin Venema, Kathy Schmuck, Douglas Miller, Sue Venema, Steve Pankhurst, Danny Willy, Tracy Cornforth, Al Heyman (photo #36)



Date unknown – Ladies at Rock School Picnic at Glenora Park
Front Row: Mrs. Purser, Mrs. A. Paul, Unk, Mrs. John Paul, Unk, Mrs Harold Paul
Back Row: Mrs DeCarle, All rest unknown
Mrs. Somerville (in the wheelchair) (photo #37)


Rock School built in 1844 (photo #38)


1912, September – Original Rock School (photo #39)



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