Photos from an Album taken around 1914

Unfortunately not all of the photographs in our collection are identified. In this instance we have a small black photo album that was donated and we know nothing about it. The photos are not labelled. From the clothes and the military uniforms on some of the men we would estimate the dates of the photos between 1910 and 1920. The photos are not of the best quality, but nonetheless they do give us a good insight into how the people lived back then.

If anyone recognizes any thing familiar in these photographs we would appreciate hearing from you.

1-This old unpainted clapboard house is prominent as a background in many of the photos


2-The clapboard house
3-The corner of the house











4-What special occasion would bring the family together for this photo?
5-Sisters ?
6-The same people are in most of these photos







7-For some reason they choose the corner of the house for many photos.


8-Is this all one family ? Four boys and three girls. The man with the moustache is the same one in the photo above.


9-Friends taken in the winter
10-Same friends taken in the summer







11-Is this the farm house in the background ?
12-In front of the barns
13-Three generations ?








14-This one has a name “Vivian”


15-Mothers and daughters in front of the shed. Unfortunately the sign on the barn is un-readable, notice the chicken in front of the barn door.


16-Is this the house
18-Dressed to go somewhere
17-This couple in their everyday work clothes








19-Where did they get the ship’s life preserver ?


20-In town now, is this the same white horse as pictured before ?


21-A mother and her two sons and three daughters ?


22-Same location as the above photo ?


23-A house in town ?


24-Friends or family


25-Out riding
27-In front of the house
26-Where could this house be ?







28-In front of a house in town


30-Same woman in the hat above ?
29-Sharing a secret











31-An indoor family gathering, perhaps a young people’s social ?


32-Friends or family
33-A cold day for an outside photo








34-At the farm gate


35-Mothers and daughters


36-Are those canal gates behind them, could this be the Rideau Canal ?


37-On the house steps


38-Watch for the dogs in the next photos



39-A boy and his dogs
40-Sisters and their brother ?









41-Two dogs in a wheel barrow


42-Friends ?


43-Relaxing in the hammock
44-Relaxing in the snow










45-Clapboard house in the winter ?


46-Looking after the horses
48-WW I uniform


47-WW I uniforms









49-A World War I Soldier


50-Are those large buildings in the background


51-Friends at steps along the canal?


52-An old couple
53-A good corn crop










54-Does anyone recognize this church ?


55-Using the cutter in winter
56-More than friends ?

57- Same people different place










58-A thoughtful pose


59-Making good use of the wheel barrow
60-A popular spot for photos










61-By the corner of the Clapboard house



62-Sisters and brothers ?
63-Out for a summer ride








64-A cold time to pose for a photo


65-Time for a family photo


66-Taken in front of the barn and barn yard
67-Dressed for a photo









68-A fall day
70-A winter’s day





69-A loving couple


71-What a shame that the names of these people are lost to history