Memories from a One Room School House

Story One Our little school (Yonge Mills) had a few memories besides education that stands out in my mind. At Christmas time before school closed our teacher and pupils held a Christmas Concert. For weeks we practised our part then one school afternoon we held the concert. A couple of the older boys would go […]

Yonge Mills School Minute and Ledger Book 1877 to 1893

Yonge Mills School S.S. No 2 & 3 in Young and S.S. No. 18 in Elizabethtown We are fortunate to have in our collection the Minute Book and Ledger for this school for the years 1877 to 1893. Unfortunately there are some pages missing and some so faded that they are un-readable. This book gives […]

Yonge Mills – a One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Yonge Mills School School Section #28 Elizbethtown  School Section # 2 & 3 Front of Yonge   The Yonge Mills School house is located on the Yonge Mills Road, approximately 3 ½ miles west of the village of Lyn.  On September 26th 1874 a ¾ acre lot was severed from the land owned by Mr. […]