Postcards – The Thousand Islands

Postcards were a chance to share special experiences and pictures with friends and family back home. A way to say we’re here and this is what we are seeing and doing.

While our collection is small, we wanted to share with you what those who served shared with their family and friends back home.

We are always interested in increasing our collection so that we may share with everyone this glimpse into our past. If you have postcards there are three ways in which you could share them with us:

1) a direct donation to the museum

2) loan them to us, we will scan them and return the originals to you

3) if you have a digital image you can send it to us at our email address:



Zavikon Island, 1000 Islands Canada
View from Echo Lodge


Whiskey Island
The Shadow
The Rocks from Needles Eye
Zivakon Island- it has been said that the house is in Canada and the smaller Island is in the United States, but the truth is that both are in Canada
View in the Narrows
The Rift, entrance to Lake of Isles, Boundary between Canada and the U.S.
The Rift, entrance to Lake of Isles
The Narrows between Murray and Wellsley Islands














R & O Navigation Co’s Steamer Kingston
The Narrows
The Canadian Channel


Sugar Island
View in the Narrows



The Narrows





Steamer Brockville, near Fernbank
Steamer Kingston passing Heart Island
Steamer Brockville passing through Swift Waters








Skydeck in the 1000 Islands
Needles Eye
Oriental Isle.
The mouth of Jones Creek at the St. Lawrence
Tour Boat and the Canadian Span of the 1000 Island Bridge
Madawaska Island








The International Rift
The Shadow in the Lost Channel








The Bridge over the International Rift between Canada and the United States


The Mississqua passing Picnic Island
Hopewell Hall, Alexandria Bay, NY
Heart Island





Hart Island
Religious Services at Half Moon Bay
“Eventide” Lake of Isles
Halfmoon Bay
View from Devils Oven
Devil’s Hole Island
Dashwood Island


Dark Island
Dark Island








Chimney Island
Dark Island
Butternut Bay, Ontario
Buffalo Rock in the International Rift
Cedar Island








Boldt Castle
Boldt Castle







Benson’s Rift
Among the 1000 Islands
View from Alexandria Bay, NY
Alexandria Bay, NY
Among the 1000 Islands
Among the 1000 Islands
Canadian Span of the 1000 Island Bridge
Thousand Islands Yacht Club, Alexandria Bay, NY
Life on the River
View among the Islands
The Canadian Span of the 1000 Islands Bridge
Canadian Span of the 1000 Islands Bridge