St. Lawrence Lodge

St. Lawrence Lodge

St. Lawrence Lodge 1970 (18)

Opened in 1970, St. Lawrence Lodge is a Long-Term Care Home that overlooks the majestic St. Lawrence River and provides care and support to 224 residents. Serving the citizens of the City of Brockville, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, and the separated Towns of Prescott and Gananoque.


The lodge was built across from the Ontario Hospital on what used to be part of the Hospital Farms. It was built in Elizabethtown, but an agreement was reached with the City of Brockville to provide water and sewage


In 2006 the original building was replaced with a more modern structure. The photos shown here are of the original building opened in 1970.

Psyc gardens
Ontario Hospital Farm field where the lodge was built
St. Lawrence Lodge 1970 (19)
View from Highway No.2








St. Lawrence Lodge 1970 (13)
Resident’s Room
St. Lawrence Lodge 1970 (8)
Residents Lounge
St. Lawrence Lodge 1970 (25)
Lodge Chapel