Shiloh – A Forgotten Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Shiloh  (Bell’s Crossing)

The hamlet of Shiloh is located at the intersection of Shiloh Road and the road to Rocksprings.

The old Bolton School once stool on the property of Henry White. The school once stood near the Bolton Cemetery on Lot 5 of the Tenth Concession in Elizabethtown.

A Methodist church was built here in 1882. It was built by three Methodists congregations, Hill’s Chapel in the 9th Concession; a congregation that worshipped in the Bell’s Schoolhouse and another congregation that worshipped at Bolton’s School house. The beautiful red brick structure served the community well. It is located on the tenth concession of Elizabethtown at the intersection of the Shiloh Road with the Rocksprings Road. When the church was built in 1882 its’ postal address was Whitehurst, a nearby community which at that time had a post office. Whitehurst was used as a postal address until 1911 when rural mail delivery came into effect. Then the postal address was changed to Jellby. Nearby Boulton Cemetery was the actual burying ground for the Shiloh Church.

(Recorder and Times, Darling Collection Book 3)


Shiloh Church- photo July 2016
Shiloh Church c1980 from the Recorder and Times













100th Anniversary Commemorative Plate for the Shilo United Church 1882-1982


Remains of old Cosgrove Home c1980



The Athens Reporter and County of Leeds Advertiser

 Excerpts have been taken from this paper referencing the following hamlet for the years 1889, 1894 and 1895

Tuesday June 25, 1895 issue

Visitors –  Mrs. M. Kendrick and little daughter of Shilo is visiting friends here this week. (at New Dublin)