Shane’s Corners – A Forgotten Hamlet in Kitley

Shane’s Corners

Shane’s Corners as it appears on a map of 1861-62

The area around the community was initially settled by Lowland Scots. Otter and Hutton Creeks passed through the area but these waterways were not large enough to support a mill operation

Shane’s Corners was a small settlement located along Highway 29 near what was the First Concession of Kitley. Shane’s Corners was settled by a man named Lawrence Shane and his wife; Mrs. Shane kept a private school here at one time. The settlement consisted of a few homesteads and very few businesses. [2]

In the 1860’s, the settlement became home to a Temperance Hall, called Mount Albion Temple of the Good Templars Lodge No. 60, I.O.G.T., and located on the first concession. This society continued until 1875.

In the late 1800s, Shane’s Corners had its own cheese factory, Cameron’s Cheese Factory (or perhaps also known as The Glen Elm Cheese Factory [1]) This factory was originally built on a local homestead, however was later moved to the lot across the road from Shane’s School, a more central location. (Wikedepia).

The cheese factory was in operation until 1948 when it was destroyed by fire[1]

In the late 1950’s a 4-H Home-making club was started for boys and girls aged 12 to 16. At this club the young people took up sewing, cooking and crafts. A Shane’s branch of the Women’s Institute was formed in 1962 and had 14 members. The women’s group supported local groups in and around the Shane’s area. [1]


The settlement was large enough that it was able to become its own school section in the late nineteenth century. The school was known as S.S. #2 Shane’s School, and at the time was located along the boundary of Kitley and South Elmsley townships. [2]

In 1873, school trustees received the deed for a property of land from Henry Shane.

A new stone building was constructed in 1875, replacing an older school further down the road which was subject to arson, possibly committed by a pupil. The schoolhouse was used after hours as the community church, as well as a meeting hall. Well into the 1900s, the building was used by the Shane’s Women’s Institute.


At some point in the 1800s, a cemetery was established here. The cemetery is an Anglican cemetery.

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[2] Kitley 1795-1975 by G.J. Lockwood

Shanes on a map of 1998
Shane Home built in 1860, photo c1985