St. Peter’s and the Old Prostestant Cemetery

St. Peter’s and the Old Protestant Cemetery, Brockville

Concession: 1; Lot: 19/20; Location Address: Hwy 2, west of Brockville; Alternate Cemetery Name: Old Protestant Cemetery – Brockville Cemetery Board* GPS: 44.569994, -75.724892

This cemetery has been owned and operated by the City of Brockville since 1860, when fourteen acres of land on the western outskirts of the town were purchased from the Grant Family.

The land south of the main road had been granted by the Crown to Sgt. Allan Grant U.E.L in 1798. The newly acquired land was divided into three sections for use by the Anglican Church, Other Protestant Churches and the Roman Catholic Church. The early graves in this cemetery were moved here when old church cemeteries which originally existed in the town Brockville, were closed.


1 Old Prostant Cemetery
Entrance for the Old Protestant Cemetery
1 Old St. Peter's Cemetery (2)
Entrance for Old St. Peter’s Cemetery








General View of the Cemetery
General View of the Cemetery
Some unique monuments
A round monument
General view of the cemetery


















Maj Walsh (2)
Maj. Walsh of the North West Mounted Police


Maj Walsh (3)
Major Walsh
Maj Walsh (1)
Major Walsh Monument













































James Morrow Walsh (May 22, 1840 to July 25, 1905) was a North West Mounted Police Officer and Commissioner of the Yukon Territory.

Born in Prescott, Ontario, James Walsh was one of the original officers of the NWMP. Superintendent Walsh was assigned in 1875 to establish a post in the Cypress Hills in what is now Saskatchewan. He named it Fort Walsh after himself. The location of the post was determined by the Cypress Hills Massacre in 1873, an atrocity stemming from the illegal American whiskey trade.

Walsh’s original role was to shut down this trade, but in June 1876 his position grew in importance when several thousand Sioux Indians crossed the border into Canada, taking refuge there after the Battle of Little Big Horn. They settled near the Wood Mountain post in present day Saskatchewan.

Walsh developed a strong friendship with the famous Sioux leader Sitting Bull and successfully kept peace in the region. By the summer of 1877, Walsh although still in command of Fort Walsh, spent little time there. His headquarters became the Wood Mountain Post, among Sitting Bull and 5,000 Sioux. During this time, Walsh became famous in the American press as “Sitting Bull’s Boss”. In reality, Walsh was unable to fulfil his orders to convince Sitting Bull to return to the U.S. The Canadian Government decided that Walsh’s friendship with Sitting Bull was an obstacle to the Sioux’s return and in 1880 Walsh was transferred to Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. Soon after, he took health leave and returned to Ontario. He reluctantly resigned his commission three years later.

In August 1897, during the height of the Klondike Gold Rush, Walsh was appointed Commissioner of the newly created Yukon Territory. He resigned soon after in 1898. He died in Brockville, Ontario in 1905. (Wikipeda)


Lt Douglas Gogue

Lt. Douglas A. Bogue

Lt.Douglas Bogue Courcelette France Sep 16 1916
Lt. Douglas Bogue












Kincaid Family Memorial

Kincaid Family (2)
Kincaid Family Monument








Kincaid Family (1)
Fordyce Lawton Kincaid died 1918
Kincaid Family (4)
Kincaid Family Monument










George Fulford
George Fulford
Gilmour Family
General View
General View
General View of a family plot
General View






















View of the S.Lawrence from the Cemetery
View of the St. Lawrence R. from the Cemetery









The Malloch Cairn (1)










































The Malloch Cairn

This dry stone pyramid was erected about 1896 by Dr. Archie Malloch in memory of his family. It has stood here for a long time causing many people to wonder about its history. The original mason responsible for its erection is said to be Archibald Henry Davidson. The Scottish stone work was put up without mortar. It was in a state of deterioration in 1989 when the Cemetery Board undertook to have it rebuilt. The masons who did the work at that time were Sid De Schiffart and Gerry Viekamp.


The Malloch Cairn (3) The Malloch Cairn (2)










Sinclair and Christie Families (3)
Sign pointing to Sinclair and Christie Families
Sinclair and Christie Families (1)
Sinclair and Christie Family Burial Plot









Capt James Owen
Captain James Owen died November 9, 1913 in a Great Lakes Storm
Capt James Owen Nov 9 1913 Great Lake Storm
Captain James Owen master of the Henry B. Smith that sunk in a storm on Lake Superior 1913









Andrew R.McNish Nov 5, 1833
Andrew R. McNish died Nov 5,1833
Booth Family
Booth Family
Buell Family (2)
Buell Family
Buell Family (1)
Buell Family
Down a shaded path
In memory of Mother and Father
Down a shaded path



























Page Mausoleum (2)
Page Mausoleum
Page Mausoleum (4)
Page Mausoleum








Page Mausoleum (6)
Inside the Vault- James Albert Page
Page Mausoleum (2) - Copy
Inside the Vault- John Page
Page Mausoleum (1)
A look inside the Page Vault











Pickup Mausoleum
The Pickup Family Mausoleum









Sisters Drowned (1)
Sophie and Emily died at the same time July 30, 1879
Sisters Drowned (2)
Sophie and Emily, July 30, 1879






Two sisters, Sophie age 12 and Emily age 18, daughters of the Rev. Joseph Hugill, drowned whilst bathing- July 30, 1879.







Comstock Family (3)
Comstock Family – at Cemetery Entrance





Comstock Family (4)
Comstock Family
Comstock Family (5)
Comstock Family
Comstock Family (2)
Comstock Family
Comstock Family (1)
Angel on the top of the Comstock Memorial