The Log Canoe

This canoe was made from a solid white cedar log by Indians from the Devil Lake area near Westport, Ontario.

It was made by placing hot stones on the log which turned the wood into charcoal. It was then scraped out and more hot stones added until the desired shape and size was achieved. The outside was then shaped by hewing and scraping until it was shaped like a canoe.

It was purchased from the Indians by Matt Wilson’s grandfather in the late 1800’s and used by the family in many area lakes for fishing and trapping. It was passed down through the family and when Matt Wilson moved to Lyn in 1940, he brought it with him and used it to trap muskrats on the Lyn Pond.

It was stored in a barn behind the museum for about 40 years and was donated to the Museum by Matt’s son, Brent, in 2003.

The wood has been carbon-dated and is approximately 285 years old, which would place it as being made in the early 1700’s