Lehigh’s Corners- News from the Hamlet

The Athens Reporter- excerpts have been taken from this newspaper for the years- 1925 to 1926. The original newspapers are in the archives of the Heritage House Museum, Athens, Ontario

Lehigh’s Corners – Mar 2nd, 1925

Mr. Wallace Hanton arrived home last week from Belleville where he has been for some time with his uncle, Mr. Ernie Rowsome.

Mr. and Mrs. R.T.Hays entertained a number of their friends on Monday might last to a shower given in honour of Miss Lela Eaton. She was the recipient of many costly and useful presents.

Mr. Vincent Carley returned on Tuesday after spending a few days with Soperton and Oak Leaf friends.

Attending sawing bees seems the order of the day in this section, the majority of farmers having nearly finished.

Miss Leita Burns arrived home on Tuesday after spending a few days in Chantry a guest of Mr. and Mrs. R. Trotter.

Mrs. Wilson Barrington and Mrs. R. Johnson were Brockville visitors last week.

Mr. Hurbert Eaton was unfortunate enough to have two of his fingers badly cut while sawing wood at Leslie Soper’s. Dr. Throop dressed the wounds and he is improving nicely.

Mr. Burton Carley has been busy these days hauling ice from Lake Eloida to Netterfield Moore of Frankville

Miss Dorothy Male of New Boue returned home on Sunday after spending a week with Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Hays.

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Blancher of Addison, spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. George Cannon.

Lehigh’s Corners, Jan 28th, 1926

A number of young people gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Burns last Tuesday evening when a very enjoyable time was spent in games, music and dancing, after which dainty refreshments were served by the hostess. The special feature of the evening was the following address of farewell to Miss Hazel Burns, who is leaving soon for Gouverneur, where she has been offered a very lucrative position. Miss Mary Conlon read the address, and Miss Irene Mott made the presentation after which Miss Burns expressed her sincere thanks to one and all.

Dear Hazel,- We, your friends, have met here to-night to spend once more a pleasant evening with you in your home before you leave us to take up your new field of work in Gouverneur. We regret to have to lose you, as you will be missed very much by your friends here. We all sincerely wish you success in your work and trust you will enjoy it very much. As a slight token of our friendship we wish you to accept this purse. Signed on behalf of your many friends. January 26th. 1926