Greenbush – A Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Greenbush (Old’s Corners) Origins The lure of a fresh spring in the Canadian wilderness led to the founding of this community. In 1790, an 18 year old immigrant, whose family tree could be traced back to France of the 16th Century trekked overland from his home in Andover, Massachusetts with his bride, and after a […]

Glen Buell – A Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Glen Buell  (Hayes Corners) This quiet hamlet on Highway 29, nine miles north of Brockville has a long and chequered history dating back to 1787. Back then it was wilderness dotted by farms and homesteads of the early settlers. It is located where Hwy 29 crosses the Seventh Concession of Elizabethtown,   Originally known as […]

Forthton – A Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Forthton (Unionville) John Kilborn and his wife Elizabeth Baldwin established a store at Unionville about 1816. He was also given a government post assisting settlement of immigrants. Many of the early residents of the Perth area passed through his hands. The settlers travelled overland by wagon and in some cases had to cut their own […]

Manhard – A Hamlet in Elizabethtown

Manhard This is only community in the eastern side of the township, because the only road north from Brockville was the notorious and deserted “smugglers’ highway’, was Manhard. Manhard is located at the junction of the 5th Concession, at the edge of the Manhard Bog. It was settled by David Manhard, a German, and his […]