Horton Cemetery

Horton Cemetery 6539 New Dublin Rd, cor 7th Concession, in field On Private Land, Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials – Twp of Elizabethtown*  GPS- 44.667882, -75.795032     Frederick Moore Sr. 1770-1848 Eliza Bolton 1773-1815 NCO Irish Yoeman Calvary Q.M. Sgt. War 1812 Ensign 1st Leeds Militia       William Moore 1740-1820 Married in Dublin c1766 […]

Sanford / Loverin Burying Ground

Sanford / Loverin Burying Ground Concession 9, Lot 26-27), Location: West of Greenbush, 9330 Addison Greenbush Rd, north side- Twp of Elizabethtown* GPS not available   Graves:   David Morton Sanford Died June 2, 1912 Aged 53 yrs. Wealtha Hurlbert Wife of David Morton Died June 21, 1893 Aged 34 8 mos. 6 days Margaret […]

Kerr Family Cemetery

Kerr Family Cemetery Concession 9, Lot 25, Location: East side of County Road 7, just north of Greenbush, behind #9472 Cty Rd. 7, – Twp of Elizabethtown* – GPS- 44.701591, 75.858257     List of Graves:    Inserted “?” if not legible   KERR, Susan (daughter of George & Eleanor) – died February 5, 1863 […]

The Brockville Country Club

The Brockville Country Club Established in 1914 this club was originally a nine hole golf course with 7 holes on the south side of the highway and two on the north side. The original clubhouse was burned in 1937 and a newer clubhouse on the same spot was built to replace it. The clubhouse was located on […]

Browntown Cemetery

Browntown Cemetery Concession: 9, Lot: 33; 1 mile north of Addison Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.675611, -75.884843 The photos and information were sent to us by E.Seabrooke, many thanks for them. They reported that this is the only headstone left standing in the cemetery plot.       […]

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Cemetery

St. John the Evangelist Anglican Cemetery Concession: 6, Lot: 20; – New Dublin Community Cemetery Board* – Across the road from the New Dublin Cemetery – GPS- 44.667349, -75.800447                                                         […]

Old St.Francis Xavier Cemetery

St. Francis Xavier Cemetery Concession: 1, Lot: 19/20; Alternate Cemetery Names: Brockville Cemetery; Old Catholic Cemetery – Brockville Cemetery Board* GPS- 44.574218, -75.720199 This cemetery is located behind Old St.Peter’s Cemetery and the Old Protestant Cemetery on the south side of Highway No.2 west of Brockville                   […]

St. Peter’s and the Old Prostestant Cemetery

St. Peter’s and the Old Protestant Cemetery, Brockville Concession: 1; Lot: 19/20; Location Address: Hwy 2, west of Brockville; Alternate Cemetery Name: Old Protestant Cemetery – Brockville Cemetery Board* GPS: 44.569994, -75.724892 This cemetery has been owned and operated by the City of Brockville since 1860, when fourteen acres of land on the western outskirts of […]

Howard Cemetery

Howard Cemetery Concession: 2, Lot 21; Location: South of the Centennial Road, across from the Parslow Road.- Howard Cemetery Board* – GPS- 44.593936, -75.748093, Drive to the end of the road and then onto a grass covered road. There is room to turn a car around at the end. Fenced, Gated and gate locked.   […]

Pepper Cemetery

Pepper Cemetery / Lucas Cemetery Concession: 10, Lot: 33; Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials  – Twp of Elizabethtown* – GPS- 44.685269, -75.890647- Redan Road north of Addison- Photos taken August 2016       List of Graves Andrew Pepper b 1847 d Feb 11, 1920 Evalina Pepper b 1871 d 1896 Jane Pepper b […]

Blanchard’s Cemetery

Blanchard Cemetery Concession 9, Lot 25, Location: east side of Road 7, north of Greenbush (1806-1964) – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.696039,-75.852077 – A little South of Jelly Farm Cemetery on County Road 7                                 Listing of Names on Tombstones […]

Cemeteries in Elizabethtown

This listing has been compiled from various sites on the internet. In researching this, we found that no one site contained all of the cemeteries listed below. In the future we will attempt to visit each cemetery and post photos and more information regarding each burial ground.  We by no means, make any claims regarding […]