Bellamy’s & Clark’s Crossing – Forgotten Hamlets in Elizabethtown

Bellamy’s & Clark’s Crossing

Are these two places forgotten hamlets or just names of railroad crossings on a map ? We have been unable to find out any information on either place.

As the map shows Bellamys did have a station on the Brockville and Ottawa Railway, Clark’s Crossing did not. The only information we could find was this one line comment from Edna’s Scrapbook:

A well know resident William Lamb aged 55 years, was killed by a train at Clark’s Crossing on August 24, 1865.

Excerpts from:

The Athen’s Reporter from Jan 31, 1889 to Dec 31, 1889

Clark’s Crossing

Jan 8, 1889

Miss. Viola Wiltse is spending a few days with friends at Clark’s Crossing.


If anyone has information regarding these two locations we would appreciate hearing from you.


Clarks Crossing on map of 1861-62
Bellamys on a map of 1861-62