Pte. Albert Ellery Tallman

Albert Ellery Tallman, Pte No 859031 Albert was born in Toledo, Ontario on February 15th, 1885. His proud parents were Nelson Tallman (1852-1922) and Frances Ann nee Gorman (1854-1920). He was a member of a large family consisting of eight brothers and sisters. There is little we know about his youth or the rest of […]

Pte. Frederick William Gray

Frederick William Gray # 454847 (Pte.) Frederick William Gray was born in Lyn on September 6th 1895. He was the second child born to his parents John Henry and Smiena (known as Mimmie) her maiden name was Graham. His parents were farmers and after attending high school at Brockville Collegite Institute, Frederick followed in their […]

Pte. Stanley Darling

Stanley Clarence Darling Stanley Clarence Darling was born on November 26th, 1894 in Lillies just north of the Village of Lyn. His mother was Fanny Darling and his father Wells. He was the oldest in a family of two boys and three girls. His brother Grant was born a year after him in 1895. We […]

Memories of my Grandfather, William Henry MacNish

A Granddaughter Remembers Her Grandfather – William Henry MacNish by Margaret MacNish “My grandfather William Henry MacNish, was over 6 feet tall and carried a full head of snow-white hair. Heavy shouldered, he walked with a slow and dignified shuffle about the farm and up the oval driveway to the stone house. In spring, summer […]

Corporal Andrew Salomnson World War I Veteran

Corporal Andrew Salomnson 1887-1934 The year was 1887 when Andrew Salomnson was born (Andres Salomonsson) in Kall, Kall County, Sweden. If you were to look on a map you would find that Kall is located in the middle of Sweden, a pretty little village on the side of a lake. He was born on Tuesday, […]

Patrick Johnston and Louise Knox – Our People, Our Heritage

Patrick Johnston and Louise Knox This is the story of two ordinary people who, in search of a better life, migrated to Canada in the early 1800’s. They were both born in Antrim, Belfast, Northern Ireland and knew each other in their early days there, but came to Canada separately, only to meet up later […]

Major William Read, United Empire Loyalists – Our People, Our Heritage

Major William Read, United Empire Loyalists and settler in Kitley Township Major William Read came to America from his native Ireland as a young man and settled on Bison Creek in the Parish of St. George, Queensboro Twp, Province of Georgia. The Reads, Lyles and Russells all had come from Ulster in the northeast part […]

The McLean’s at Fernbank – Our People, Our Heritage

Robert McLean at Fernbank The old brick house painstakingly constructed by hand in 1823 with every brick handmade on the land surrounding the dwelling was built by Robert McLean. Five generations lived in the house until 1933 when it was sold. The story of the McLeans goes back to old Paisley in Scotland where Alexander […]

Louise Crummy McKinney – Our People, Our Heritage

Louise C. McKinney Louise Crummy McKinney was the first woman to be elected to a parliament seat in the British Empire. She accomplished the feat in 1917 in Alberta. Louise was the seventh child and second daughter of Richard Crummy and his wife the former Ester Empey. Richard Crummy was an immigrant from County Cavan, […]

Henry Vyfvinkel – Our People, Our Heritage

Henry Vyfvinkel – Our People, Our History   Henry Vyfvinkel born Hendrik Vijfvinkel in Eindhover, Netherlands on December 13, 1934 was the eldest of five children to parents Zwaantje Vijfvinkel-Zweep and Izak Vijfvinkel. His family was his inspiration in his talent and he credited his own father, who outside of work with Phillips Co was […]