Charlie Sanford Luckey – The Last Man Hung in Elizabethtown

The Luckey Murders There are several accounts that have been written about this tragic murder, but rather than quote from those accounts, we are providing you with transcripts from the newspapers that covered the incident. This way you will be getting the first hand account of how the events unfolded. The Irish Canadian, Thursday, October […]

Kitley Fire Department

Kitley Volunteer Fire Department- 1965 to 1985 The First Twenty Years    On May 6th, 1985, Kitley Fire Department celebrated its’ 20th Anniversary. During these years the Township of Kitley went from being without a fire department to having one of the best equipped and best trained in the Country. Accomplishing this took a considerable […]

Kitley Agricultural Society

Kitley Agricultural Society The annual meeting of this society was held at the Edger’s House, Frankville, on Thursday last. N.H. Beecher, chairman; W.D. Livingston, secretary. The treasure’s report read as follows: Receipts from all sources, including balance from last report, $811.56; expenditures, $500.78; leaving a balance on hand of $310.78. The following officers were elected: […]

Providence Chapel

Providence Chapel at Crystal Methodists worshipped anywhere they could find shelter, a barn being used on more than one occasion but in 1834, the congregation built a log chapel on the eastern edge of Kitley Township in the community known as Crystal and the church subsequently bore the name “Providence Chapel”. The church was used […]