Blacksmith at the Lyn Museum

Jeff and Amanda will be working at the Blacksmith Shop at the rear of the Heritage Place Museum Lyn through the Summer of 2022. They will be showing off their skills from 1pm to 4pm Sunday, June 12 Sunday, July 10 Sunday, August 14

Mallorytown Telephone Company

The Mallorytown Telephone Company was just one of hundreds small companies that dotted the rural landscape to serve local needs. It served both the Mallorytown and Lyn, Ontario phone requirements. The service connected with Bell Telephone at Mallorytown. In Lyn their exchange was located in the bottom floor of the Pergau Building on Main Street. […]

Tannning Hides at Coleman’s Corners

The Tanning Business at Coleman’s Corners – March 7, 1850-  As written in the Brockville Recorder of 1850 The editor had been out to Coleman’s Corners, now known as Lyn, and in the issue of this date gives his impressions of the place as follows:– “This place, to appearance, has little to attract the attention […]

Old Mill 3D Model Project

The Heritage Place Museum is currently producing a 3-dimensional digital model of the Old Mill that once stood in the village of Lyn. The purpose of this project is to preserve the structure before all memory of it is lost. If you have old photos, memories or knowledge of the layout of the mill please let us know!

Mott’s General Store, Main Street, Lyn

The Credit Ledger from Blake E. Mott’s General Store, Lyn, Ontario (Author unknown) (Note: the photo is not of Mott’s Store, unfortunately no photos exist of his store) Blake Mott and his wife Edith were the proprietors of a General Store in Lyn from about 1921 to 1931. Blake rented the ground floor of the building […]

Christ United Church, Lyn

Christ Church Lyn…Now The United Church, by Walter K. Billings The Presbyterians of the Lyn district held their first service in the ball-room of the Brownton Hotel. It was conducted by the Rev. William Smart, who was one of the pioneers of religion. A Sunday school was organized by Mr. Smart and Adiel Sherwood, who […]

The General Store in Lyn

The General Store in Lyn was located at 25 Main Street West and was first owned by A. T. Trickey. It was a drug store and also a general merchandise store. A.T. Trickey ran it until approximately 1890 when it was purchased by Mr. Gardiner. Mr. Gardiner did not have a druggist pharmacy license so […]

The Tramp’s Funeral

The Tramp’s Funeral Long ago, the death of an unidentified tramp led to a merry wake by the farmers of the region west of Lyn. In the early 1800’s, two farmers found the body of a transient in a field north of Jones Creek. While they were discussing their find and wondering whether or not […]

Lyn School – Elizabethtown’s Largest School

Lyn School   (School Section #7)   The first school house was located in the centre of the village by the creek. It was abandoned for a newer one room brick school at the west end of the Village, across from the present building. It was in use until 1867 when it burned down. The growth […]