Butternut Bay

Butternut Bay is located at the very western edge of Elizabethtown Township in the First Concession along the banks of the St. Lawrence River. In Thad. W.H. Leavitt’s book “History of Leeds and Grenville” published in 1879 he writes the following about Butternut Bay: (It was originally called “St. Lawrence Central Camp Ground” “This beautiful […]

Avery’s Farm Market

Avery’s Family Farm Market In the 1970’s Doug and Judy Avery opened a “farmer’s market” in an old barn located on their property. They grew and sold fresh garden vegetables and in the spring would also sell bedding plants. Their barn stood out because they painted large flowers all over it. The business was located […]

The Rock School

Rock School Continuing along Highway No 2 from east to west, just after passing Grant’s Creek and St Lawrence Park you would come to the Rock School House. The new Rock School, which stands today as a home, was built in 1937. The school was built of native granite quarried a few yards distant from […]

Grant’s Creek

Crossing Grant’s Creek The creek takes its name from the original settlers of the area the Grant Family. We are fortunate to have old post cards, prints and photos showing how the original bridge looked. Today as you drive along the highway, you can cross the creek without really even knowing it’s there.     […]

Brockville Cemeteries

The Brockville Cemeteries The cemetery comprises 14 acres of land on either side of the highway. It has been owned and operated by the City of Brockville since 1860, when all the older in-town cemeteries were closed and the graves moved into this area. The land was purchased from the Grant Family. The land south […]

Brockville Cemetery Memorial Works

The Brockville Cemetery Memorial Works Just past the Lyn road on the south side of the highway you would come to this next business. Lancelot de Carle was the founder of the business now known as Brockville Cemetery Memorial Works. Lancelot de Carle was first in business in Prescott on that town’s King Street one […]

Riverside Park Ice Skating

Riverside Park Ice Skating Rink Across from the mink farm, during the winters of the 1930’s was an open air skating rink that was enjoyed by both the people of Brockville and Elizabethtown. Located on the south side of the highway, across from the Lyn Road, the rink was lit up at night and if […]

The Brockville Country Club

The Brockville Country Club Established in 1914 this club was originally a nine hole golf course with 7 holes on the south side of the highway and two on the north side. The original clubhouse was burned in 1937 and a newer clubhouse on the same spot was built to replace it. The clubhouse was located on […]


Brockville We started our trip entering Elizabethtown from the east. Just as we passed the Ontario Hospital we would have noticed the sign welcoming us to Brockville. At this point Hwy No. 2 turns into King St East. “Brockville was the first police village (1832) in Upper Canada, when its population reached 1000; the first […]

St. Lawrence Lodge

St. Lawrence Lodge Opened in 1970, St. Lawrence Lodge is a Long-Term Care Home that overlooks the majestic St. Lawrence River and provides care and support to 224 residents. Serving the citizens of the City of Brockville, the United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, and the separated Towns of Prescott and Gananoque.   The lodge […]

Ontario Hospital

Ontario Hospital  (Brockville Psychiatric Hospital) A little further along Highway No. 2 on the north side you would pass several very impressive large stone buildings encompassed by a stone fence. Depending on the time of the year when you drove by, there would have been men working in fields of vegetables on either side of […]