Avondale Farm – The Early Years

How many times have you driven along the Lyn Road, passed the large barns and the sign that reads “Avondale Farms”? Here is the story behind those barns and that sign. An article printed in the (Brockville) “Recorder and Times” appeared on Friday, July 23, 1909…… “Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Hardy, were hosts of a […]

St. James of Jerusalem at Jellyby

The Church of Ian by Tom Van Dusen Anybody shopping for Russel’s Ian Cunningham this Christmas has their work cut out topping what he gifted himself this year. Ian bought himself a church, not a table top porcelain church to place in a Christmas village. No Ian bought a full size stand alone church out […]

First Public Viewed Execution in Elizabethtown – 1853

Strange things sometimes happened to murders in Canada West. Witness the case of John Simpson, alias Christopher Hill, publicly executed in the jail yard at Brockville on November 17, 1853, less than six months after he had beaten to death John Fell, an Augusta Farmer, on a lonely country road within view of the country town..

The Unionville Camp Meeting of 1895

The Unionville Camp Meeting Tuesday Aug 13, 1895 issue The Unionville Camp Meeting A union camp meeting will be held by the Athens, Addison, Frankville and Toledo, Lyn and Mallorytown circuits of the Methodist church on the Unionville fair grounds, commencing Wednesday afternoon, August 21st. Arrangements are being made to have the grounds thoroughly equipped. […]

Unionville Fair – September 17th, 18th, and 19th, 1895

CENTRAL CANADA’S GREAT FAIR BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER Unionville, September 17th, 18th, and 19th, 1895 Prince Leo Giving High Wire Performance He will perform innumerable acts on a spider-looking wire sprung from two to the highest telegraph poles which can be secured. A few of his acts are: Running forward and backward with feet […]

The Mining and Chemical Industry in Elizabethtown

The Mining and Chemical Industry in Elizabethtown The “Chemical Road” (now the Old Red Road) received its name because of the early mining operations and because of the Brockville chemical distilling works northwest of Brockville. There were deposits of iron pyrites containing cobalt and sulphur which were mined from 1868 until 1879. At the site […]

Elizabethtown – The Early Years

Elizabethtown Township Elizabethtown was named in honour of Princess Elizabeth, the third daughter and seventh child of King George III and Queen Charlotte. According to a recent biography, she lived an unhappy, cloistered life. Vivacious and pretty as a child, she inherited an unfortunate tendency to corpulence as she grew older. She was “artistic, emotional, […]