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Motion Papers 1854 to 1873

Motions brought forward at the Elizabethtown Township Council meetings were recorded on small slips of paper. Each one handwritten and numbered, they were dated but in most cases just the month and day appear and not the year.

We are very fortunate to have in our collection, original motion papers on motions passed by council for the years 1854 to 1873. Unfortunately we have no way of telling if we have all the motions passed during that time period.

The individual motion papers cover a wide range of subjects, from the cost allowance for coffins, to costs of gravel for the Victoria Macadamized Road, to allowances for the poor. This collection gives you a glance of life during this time period.

We have transcribed these motion papers and hope by giving you access to them, you too can enjoy the insight to life in the 1800’s.