The Billings Families were prominent in the village of Lyn. Water and his sister grew up on a house on the Lyn Road, which is now across from Burnbrae Farms and part of their property. Murray Billings was a cousin of Walter’s and operated a new and used car sales business in Lyn. Walter wrote of his growing up in and around the village, his stories are featured on our website under “Stories by Walter Billings”.

These are photos we have that were donated by the Billing’s Family. Some photos don’t have names, if you know who they are, please email us and let us know.

We also have included additional photos of the Howard Family, Moorehead Family and Wright Family.

For a complete history of the Billings Family you can find a book on-line that will give you all this information at:



Billings Family Home c1945


Walter and Bessie Billings at their cottage at Five Mile Light


Billings Cottage at Five Mile Light








Bishop/ Billings General Store, Main St. Lyn.


Mary Dunster in front of Billings Grocery Store





Walter standing next to his car in front of his store
In front of the store in winter












Alice Leeder with her bicycle in front of Billings Motors, Main Street, Lyn


Billings Car Lot
Billings Car Lot
Billings Car Lot
Billings Car Lot
Billings Car Lot
Billings Car Lot


















Family Photographs

Photo taken in 1911


Photo taken in 1914


Blanch Howard and Winfred Wright photo dated 1920
Bruce Howard












Winfred Wright
Dora (Isadora) Billings











Nellie, Marry and Bertha Billings


Kilborn and Billings Families


Nellie, Mary and Bertha Billings c1940
Mary Billings











Home of Dr, Elkanah Billings on what was known then as the Chemical Road. The building is now the clubhouse for the Highland Golf Course


Billings, Ira & Ida-Home on Lyn Rd


Ira Billings
Unknown Photo #1
Unknown Photo # 2




Unknown Photo #3


Unknown Photo #4
Unknown Photo #5
Unknown Photo #6


Unknown Photo #7


Unknown Photo #9
Unknown Photo #8


Unknown Photo #10
Unknown Group on Road Roller
Unknown woman in front of car








Murray Billings and his car
One of Murray’s cars







One of Murray’s Cars
One of Murray’s cars








One of Murray’s cars
One of Murray’s Cars









Murray Billing’s 1917 Buick, now on display at the Automotive Museum in Oshawa, Ontario


Recent Photo Additions



The woman in the photo is Mildred Wright (born Greer), daughter of Andrew Greer and Artimitia Greer (born Billings) Mildred Wright is buried with Ormand Wright at Bissell Cemetery on Algonquin road; but her parents are buried in Howard’s Cemetery. L-R in the photo are Mildred, standing in the back twins Ronald and Arnold, in the front are Della and Mariana, and on the right the father Ormand.






8 thoughts on “Billings Family Photos

    • Hi, and thanks for your offer of additional photos. If you would like to send them to us with names we will post them to this page. We are always glad to receive and additions to our local history.–
      Thanks, John

  1. Hi Robin,
    I am a descendant of Abiathar-Anna (McCready) Billings. I’m interested in any information that you could share.
    (Bruce Howard-Dora Billings)

    Stephanie Dunbar

    • Good morning Stephanie,
      Unfortunately we have no genealogical information in our archives on the Billings Families. Everything we have we have posted on our website under Family Photos. I will be posting a new just received Family Photo of the “Billings” on our Facebook Site. There are several descendants of various Billings Families who follow our Facebook Page. I would suggest that you keep an eye on our page and when I post this photo withing the next week, you can comment with your questions and ask if anyone has information on the family.

      • Stephanie and John,

        Well we certainly know some of the Dunbars. Ruth Braun, who married Floyd Dunbar, lived on Chemical Rd where her father Jacob Braun’s farm backed onto the Wright farm, (formerly the Bruce Howard farm) owned by my grandfather. Where do you fit into this lineage!? I can pull together some material on the Billings family but a really nice study was done by Jim McHugh, who lives in Saskatchewan. He is a descendant of the Billa Billings line. The Brauns lived in the former Billa Billings house. There is a chapter of Jim’s book that is about the Billings lineage, and it includes many of the photos our family has had over the years, as well as others Jim has collected. One of the other most knowledgeable people on the Billings family is Garth McGill, someone who lives near (and should be well known to) the Heritage Museum. Garth was cleaning up a map for the Museum showing the homes along the Chemical Rd, where he still lives. Let’s keep in touch. There is a lot of material now available about the Billings family that the Museum needs to have. My email: (I can get you some photos quickly, including the Billa farmhouse).


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