The Athens Reporter- excerpts have been taken from this newspaper for the years- 1924 to 1928. The original newspapers are in the archives of the Heritage House Museum, Athens, Ontario

Jellyby –Nov 17th, 1924

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Johnston, Greenbush spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. William Rowsome.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freeman attended the funeral on Sunday of their uncle, John Freeman, New Dublin.

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Kennedy, Howard, Arthur and Kenneth Clark on Sunday visited the latter’s mother Mrs. Hiram Clarke, Ottawa, who is ill.

Miss M. Alguire spent the weekend at her home in Athens.

Mrs. James Henry Berry has returned home after having spent some time with her mother, Mrs. Condy, Smiths Falls, who is ill.

Miss Delia Freeman, Frankville, is spending a few days at the home of her nephew, Charles Freeman.

 Jellyby, Feb 23rd, 1925

A large number from here attended the auction sale held at Wellington Davis’ on Thursday.

Jonas Baldwin, Merrickville, spent a few days last week visiting his daughter, Mrs. Gordon Kennedy.

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Johnston were Sunday visitors of friends here.

Miss Keitha Gray was the guest of her friend, Miss Viola Deval, on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Watts, Plum Hollow, spent Sunday as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Symington.

Master Alton Freeman spent the week-end with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Davis,

Mr. and Mrs. James Glazier, of Brockville, visited Mr. and Mrs. John Edwards on Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. James C. Ferguson and daughter were recent visitors at R. Cavanaugh’s.

Visitors in the home of Gordon Kennedy on Thursday last were Mr. and Mrs. M. Baker and daughter Fern, Mr. and Mrs. H Knowles and Miss Elva and J.W. Baldwin all of Merrickville.

Jellyby – Jan 25th, 1926

Howard Clarke was an Athens visitor on Monday last.

Miss Della Davis, Bellamys, spent last week visiting Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Giffin

H.Rowsome, J. Jelly and R. Davis attended the swine marketing course last week at the Canadian Packing plant, Peterborough.

Mr. and Mrs. S. Foxton spent last Saturday at Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Davis’, Bellamys.

Mrs. John Symington, Greenbush, spent Sunday at Mr. and Mrs. Roy Symington’s.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freeman and Miss Delia Freeman spent Sunday as the guests of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Davis, Bellamys.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sunderland spent Saturday with the former’s mother, Mrs. John Edwards.

Mrs. J.H. Davis is on the sick list. Her friends are hoping for a speedy recovery.

Mrs. A.J. Smith was a Brockville visitor on Saturday.

Miss Lyla Moore is suffering from a severe cold.

 Jellyby, Feb 21st ,1928

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. George Rowntree, Morton, and Mr. and Mrs.J.E.Johnston, New Dublin, and Miss Delia Freeman, Frankville, were guests on Friday of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Freeman.

Hiram Clark, Campbell’s Bay, is spending a couple of days with his sons here.

Miss T. Hinton was a recent guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. Freeman.

Miss Marion Clark, Greenbush, spent the week-end at the home of her brother, Arthur Clarke.

Mr. and Mrs. Carles Freeman and son Alton, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Bellamy’s.

Mrs. Harvy Knowles and little daughter, Elva, spent a couple of days last week with relatives in Merrickville.

Mr. and Mrs. Brock Moore spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Riley, Yule.

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