The Early Photography of Anson McNish

Anson McNish was born in Lyn, Ontario, in 1878, the son of George McNish owner of the Lyn Agricultural Works and Almira Jane Fell.

Anson was a mechanic by trade, but also an Amateur Photographer. As an amateur photographer, Anson has given us some very fine detailed pictures with glimpses into his life and surroundings.

Anson married Antoinette (Nettie) Brookman, in Fultonville, NY on August 10, 1910. Together they had one daughter Florence Catherine who was born in 1913 and unfortunately died at the early age of 15 in 1928.

These photos are some of the very first photographs the Anson did. In these photos he shows us everyday life of his friends and family in and around the Lyn Area.

Thanks to Anson we have some great insight into this time period of the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.


1-Henry and Addie McNish on Main Street Lyn in 1894


2-Main St West, Lyn with the Methodist Church on the right and the Lyn School next to it


3-Main Street, Lyn looking to the East, the Blacksmith shop is the first building on the left


4-Main Street Lyn looking west on the left are Coon’s Bakery, Stewart’s Garage, Stores,  Taylor’s Drug Store and Stack’s Hotel


5-Original dam for the Lyn Pond on Main Street, the original mill is the white building on the right


6-Presbyterian Church on Perth St, Lyn


7-Presbyterian Church, Lyn – Sanctuary


8-Rev. Daley, Minister of the Presbyterian Church, Lyn in 1903


9-Old Red Saw Mill, Lyn


10-Blacksmith Shop, Main St, Lyn


11-Lyn Agricultural Works, on Main Street. Owned by George McNish. Anso worked here while he lived in Lyn



12-Gerald Hanna hauling a log to the mill, Main St., Lyn


13-On Perth St. looking east to Bay Street, Lyn

The Following Three Photographs taken by Anson McNish are the earliest pictures we have of the Village of Lyn taken from the Valley

14-Looking up to Lyn from the Valley, the Methodist Church steeple is on the left, the five story Mill is on the right


15-Looking across the Lyn Valley the Anglican Church can been on the hill on the right


16-Across the Lyn Valley, the mill is on the left


17-The Five Story Lyn Flour Mill



18-The Lyn Public School built in 1867


19-Lyn School Play. The second floor of the school was left open as one big room for meetings, plays etc.


20-The Lyn Mill Pond


21-The Lyn Mill Pond


22-Skating Party on the Lyn Mill Pond


23-Ice Harvest on the Lyn Mill Pond 1911


24-George McNish and dog Ted watering cows at the Mill Pond, directly across from St. John’s Hall
25-George McNish- Anson’s Father
26-Almira Jane Fell, Anson’s Mother










27-Home of Henry McNish, west of Lyn


28-Henry and Stanley McNish


29-Inside of Henry McNish’s Home


30-Henry Manhard’s home, Lyn


31-Anson McNish family home on Perth Street, Lyn. Photo was taken by moonlight in December 1900 at 8 pm


32-Walking on Perth Street, Lyn


33-The McCready Farm Home, located on an abandoned side road west of the Lyn Road


34- Anglican Church Rectory across from the church in Lyn


35-Lyn Valley in the winter


36-Walking on the bridge over the creek on what is now the Lyn Valley Road


37-Gerald Hanna and Family


38-Gerald Hanna and Family


38-Gerald Hanna and Family


40-Harris, Stanley and Mabel Hanna


41-Mable Hanna


42-Harris Hanna 1894


43-Harris Hanna and Clarence Green


44-Edith and Sherwood Hanna 1894


45-Earnest Cumming


46-Boys with a dog sled, Main Street Lyn


47-Lloyd Hanna and Florence Boyd



48-James and Maggie Lee’s Home in Lyn


49-Albert and Alfred McCready, Lyn


50-Henry McNish-1905


51-McNish Family- 1905


52-Addie, Henry and Edith McNish


53-Pals in Lyn


54-Unfortunately this is a great photo without names


55-Another Group photo without names


56-Christmas at Elm Grove, Lyn in 1905


57-Christmas in 1906 at Springbrook, Lyn


58-Valentines Day Party, 1906 at the Cedars, Lyn


59-Friends on a fence


60-Farewell Gathering at G.A. Purvis, Lyn – 1907


61-Farewell Gathering at G.A.Purvis, Lyn- 1907


62-School Sled going to BCI in Brockville – 1906

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