Latimer’s Store


Adella and Lytle James Latimer inside their store

On the north side of the highway just west of the McLean house was Latimer’s Store. The store was a very small building that had the basic groceries that you would need, they also had candy and ice cold bottles of soda for the kids or thirsty travellers.

The little business was run by Mr. Lytle James Latimer (b1873) and his wife Adella Deborah (b.1877).





Out in front of the building stood two old gas pumps, the ones with the glass containers on top into which you would pump the amount of gas you wanted and than after reaching the desired quantity, gravity would take over and when the trigger on the
pump was pulled it would flow into your tank.







The last remaining cabin, photo 2016
The last remaining cabin, photo 2016


There were also several cabins located on the property where the traveller could spend the night. The cabins were called Cedarholm.



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