Booth Burying Ground

Concession: 4, Lot: 32; Location: Seeley’s, on the west side of Perth Road between Kilkenny Road and Howe Road; Cemetery Status: Closed to further burials – Twp of Elizabethtown*, GPS: 44.584538,- 75.805278

Map showing cemetery location it is now located on private property
Mary, wife of Peter Consall, died Dec 13 1846 age 56 years, erected by her son James H. Consall
Elvira Hays, who died March 22, 1864
David Selee, died Feb 20, 1830













Also buried here is Mathew Booth 1796-1852 and his wife Eunice Holmes Booth 1799-1836


The grave of Lucinda, wife of Henry Booth who died June 1, 1853, In the 84 year of her life



Sacred to the Memory of Charles Booth
Photo taken Fall of 2015
Photo taken Fall of 2015
Photo taken Fall of 2015
Photo taken Fall of 2015
Photo taken Fall of 2015


8 thoughts on “Booth Burying Ground

  1. I hope no one minds. I’ve spent some time cleaning up the Booth cemetery. So far cutting brush etc. I would like to erect the fence around the cemetery. Would like donations of fence posts. Steal ones are easier to put in. Also if anyone wants to help me with labour or info once this social distancing is over I would very much appreciate it.

  2. I am friends with the owner of the property. They have given me permission to access the cemetery and clean it up.

  3. Mr Kruis I’m the granddaughter of John Edgar Booth of Mallorytown. We had no idea it existed. Please may I have a contact number for the owner of the property. We would love to see it.
    Thank you
    Nicholle Hellekson

  4. Do you have any more information on the Booth family buried there, they seem to be a well known family just wondering whether they had special interests in the Ottawa region or elsewhere?

    • Hello,

      We may have some information about the family in our museum. You are welcome to come visit us following the pandemic.

  5. I’d like to get some more information about this Booth family. I am a Booth and my ancestors are from Kilkenny, Ireland. We suspect they came from England to Ireland a few generations before they immigrated. I’d like to determine if there are any connections.

    • Hello, most of our information is online. When the situation permits you can come visit us and look up our records.

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