Entering Elizabethtown from the East, the first building you would see on the north side of the road is a large stone house now know as ‘Stone Acres’.

“This home can be described as a ‘Regency Villa’ which was part of the Sherwood grant. Adiel Sherwood sold this lot to Thomas Nisdale, a stone cutter by trade. The front door is exceptional, a wide aperture surmounted by a deep cornice of Adamesque swags. ‘The stone work is a fine example of his skill, especially the large arch which is cut from a single piece of stone. Since then the place has passed through many hands, each adding his contribution of buildings. It was once owned by W.H.Comstock, and Timothy Burns and came into the hands of Mr. W. Ralph in the 1920’s who operated a large dairy operation for many years” (Elizabethtown: The last of the Royal Townships by Alvin Austin pub 2009)


Stone Acres Hwy 2 east Juky2016 (1)
Stone Acres July 2016
Stone Acres Hwy 2 east Juky2016 (4)
Stone Acres, West wing July 2016




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