When Elizabethtown was settled by United Empire Loyalist after the American Revolution, not everyone settled along the shores of the St. Lawrence River.

Some were given lots in the untamed, forested wilderness in the rear of Elizabethtown, far from the river. They had to make their way with their families and belongings along Indian paths and streams to reach their new homesteads.

Their first homes were small and made from logs cut down on the land that they were granted. Families and friends settled together and from these groups of homes future hamlets would arise. Some are still there today while others have vanished and left behind only stories of their once thriving communities.

Some of the names of these old hamlets have changed over time. Those names once reflected the first settlers to the area.

img051We will be exploring the origins of these hamlets in words and photos. If anyone reading these articles has information or photos that they would like to share we would appreciate hearing from you. Together we can enrich our history.

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