Fairfield East

School School Section No. 8

Location of School- Map 1861-62

The first school was a log cabin built on the west corner of the farm owned by McDougall’s. Johnathan Barr was the teacher and was noted for his stern and strict qualities. When the community became more settled it was found that the school was not central nor adequate enough so a second school was built about a mile and half farther west. This one also passed into history with the erection of a third, which was built a few rods [sic] east again and which is most up to date.[1]

About 1865 a wooden frame school was built west of the McDougall farm and around 1900 the third Fairfield East School was erected. The school was phased out during the school consolidation of the 1960’s. (R&T Darling Collection Bk3)

School Superintendents Report (Ontario Archives)

Shows the following information, which in some cases contradicts what we have already researched, and contradicts other filed School Superintendents Reports:

1850: Frame Building, size 20×24, no construction date, condition Good

1854: Log building, first opened in 1808

[1] The Recorder & Times Apr 11, 1927 “ Fairfield and its Pioneers by Mrs. H.E.Pyke

The back of a post card from 1918 that was sent from Smith’s Falls to Master Marshall Rowley, Fairfield East, Ontario. Care of Mr. W. H. Rowley.

The post card reads as follows:

Smith’s Falls, Ontario, July 20,1918

Dear Marshall,

How are you and the rest enjoying your holidays? I hope you are feeling better and will be ready for a good start at school. Tell Ranson he failed in Arithmetic as he only got 16 marks and on Literature only 13 marks, and I couldn’t possibly promote him. Tell your mother I’ll write to her soon, your loving teacher M. Maitland.

Great way to ruin someone’s summer!

School Choir – June 1961 L-R Front Row: Allan Earle, Michael Kelly, Bobby Kelly, Jacqueline Moore, Janet Holmyard, Elwin Earle Back Row: Arnold Brown, Warren Brown, Grace Murdock, Valetta Murdock, Glennie Rossworm, Raymond Slack, Laney Kosche, Bonnie Forbes (not in photo) Teacher Mrs. Gladys Marshall

School Text Books belonging to Nellie Tristram and her sister Kathleen 1924

If anyone has any photos or additional regarding this school, we would appreciate hearing from you.

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