William Caswell

Sometimes we are fortunate to find little know information about someone born in Lyn. Such was the case with William Caswell

Born at Lyn, Ontario on 20 November 1838, son of Stephen and Mary Caswell, he lived at nearby Ogdensburg, New York for several years before moving to Duluth, Minnesota where he worked as a photographer in partnership with William H. Davy. While living at Duluth, he married Charlotte Atkinson with whom he had two sons, one dying in infancy. He also worked at Grand Forks, Dakota Territory [now North Dakota] where his “skills as a photographer has made his name a household word throughout the civilized world.” In December 1877, he came to Winnipeg as a partner of Simon Duffin in the studio of Duffin & Caswell. The partnership had dissolved by 1880 and Caswell returned to Grand Forks where he remained for the rest of his life. He died there on 27 February 1910 and was buried in the Grand Forks Cemetery.



A Stereoscopic Card photographed by William Caswell


The back of the Stereoscopic Card



Thanks to the Manitoba Historical Society for this information: