Anson McNish – New York State

Anson McNish was born in Lyn, Ontario, the son of George McNish owner of the Lyn Agricultural Works and Almira Jane Fell.

Anson was a mechanic by trade, but also an Amateur Photographer. As an amateur photographer, Anson has given us some very fine detailed pictures with glimpses into his life and surroundings.

Anson married Antoinette (Nettie) Brookman, in Fultonville, NY on August 10, 1910. Together they had one daughter Florence Catherine who was born in 1913 and unfortunately died at the early age of 15 in 1928. Nettie and Florence are prominent features in most of his photographs.

In 1920 Anson moved to Fultonville, NY. He owned and operated a car repair garage with Nettie’s sister’s husband in the next village, Fonda, NY. After his wife (1944) and daughter (1928) died  Anson sold his interest in the garage and moved back to Brockville.


1-Fultonville, New York


2-Fultonville, New York


3-Main Street, Fultonville, New York


4-Mohawk River at Fultonville, New York


5-Bridge over the Mohawk River at Fultonville, NY


6-Along the Erie Canal


7-Mohawk River, Fultonville, New York


8-Mohawk River, Fultonville, New York


9-Fultonville M.E. Church


10-Fultonville M.E. Church Interior


11-Silk Glove Factory, Fultonville NY (This building was located near the New York State Thruway, and today a truck stop stands on the property)


12-Nettie and friend at work in the glove factory


13-Silk Glove Factory interior


14-At work inside the Silk Glove Factory, Fultonville, NY


15-Nettie McNish and Co-workers at the Silk Glove Factory


16-Starin Mausoleum, Fultonville, NY constructed in the 1880’s by John H. Starin who died in 1909. In 1975 this mausoleum was in disrepair and taken down


17-Gateway to Starin’s Mansion (Shipping magnate John H. Starib built a 26 room stone and brick mansion in 1878, it was tended by a staff of about 125 servants)


18-Gateway to Starin’s Mansion, Fultonville, NY


19-Tom Baily, Kathy Rhodes and Nettie McNish (person on right is unknown)


20-Nettie McNish on the right


21-Nettie and Florence, Fultonville, NY


22-Statue, Fultonville, NY


23-Anson and Friend driving an Electric Car, Fonda, NY


24-Fonda, NY Farmers Strike in 1933


25-Main Street, Fort Ann, NY


26-The Fell’s Home at Fort Ann, NY


27-The Fell’s Home at Fort Ann, New York (Anson’s mother was Jane Fell)


28-The Erie Canal



29-The Erie Canal


30-The Erie Canal in winter at Fultonville NY


31-The Erie Canal Aqueduct over the Mohawk River, Schenectady, NY


32-General Electric Factory, Schenectady, NY


33-State Capitol, Albany, NY


34-In front of the State Capitol Building, Albany, NY


35-Utica, NY in 1906


36-Genesee Street, Utica, NY


37-Celebrating !


38-Florence McNish at Glens Falls, NY in 1924 (Concrete Bridge spanning the Hudson River)


39- Alexandria Bay, New York c1910


40- Alexandria Bay, New York c1910