Spring Valley – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Spring Valley School 

(School Section #11)

Location of School on a map of 1861-62

Spring Valley School was first located at the corner of W.E. Stewart’s field to the left of Ruben Davis’ driveway. The original school was an unpainted frame building that got so old, it could no longer be kept warm in winter. In 1878 the present school was completed further down the road and opened in September of that year. The foundation for this school was laid in 1877. The land was donated by Frank McCrae on condition that the building be used for both school and church purposes. The first contract to build the new school was not completed and later Harvey Hayes took the contract and hired James Davidson to do the work. The school opened in September 1878 with Miss Jennie Grant the first teacher. The first gathering in the school was a church service on Sunday conducted by Rev. Mr. Blair who was the Pastor of the Lyn Circuit, prior to classes starting. The enrollment of the school in  1902 was 27 pupils and in 1950 was 18 pupils. (The original name of Spring Valley was Niblock’s Corners)

The school had its last class on June 29, 1965, after which students were bused to the new school at New Dublin.

The building is now the New Dublin Library and Town hall located at 4103 County Road 29


School Superintendents Report (Ontario Archives)

Shows the following information, which in some cases contradicts what we have already researched, and contradicts other filed School Superintendents Reports:

1850: Stone building, 22×28 in size, constructed in 1843, condition: Not Good

1854: Frame building first opened in 1816

The following information was extracted from the motion papers of the Elizabethtown Council 1855-1873: (Lyn Museum Archives)


That the sum of 20 pounds clear of all expenses be levied and collected on the rateable property of school section No 11.- 1862
Tax levies for School section No 11- 1862


Spring Valley School Expense Ledgers

Accounts Ledger for 1888 (photo #1)

Receipts for 1888

Feb 18th Received Gov. Grant $20.64
Aug 2nd Received Municipal Grant $20.78
Dec 20th Received from John Holliday by direct tax $200.18
Balance on Hand since ‘87 $29.32

Expenses for 1888

Paid Teacher $225.00
Paid for wood $22.00
Paid for making fires and burying stove ashes $5.00
Paid to Amos Disdmer [sic] for cleaning school $3.00
Jan 2nd to one broom $0.25
2nd to Postage $0.02
2nd To Repairs on Door $1.00
7th Part of a box of crayons $0.25
Mar 9th Two lights of glass $1.00
Apr 9th To one light of glass $0.50
May 2nd To repairs on fence $0.25
Nov 24th Two lights of glass $1.00
Dec 24th To one gate and trimmings $11.00

On the bottom of the 1888 Ledger:

Dec 21, 1888

Received in payment the sum of One Hundred and Eight Three Dollars and 33/100

signed: Laura Clow


1893 Account Ledger (Photo #2)

1893 School Expenses

Date Item Amount
Jan 6th One Casting for seat $0.50
7th One Zinc $0.85
12th Got from Samuel Nash 10 cords @ $1.60 a cord $16.00
23rd Paid Harvey Hayes for work $1.80
30th Paid Morton Kendrick for wood $2.50
Mar 4th One box chalk $0.25
4th One Broom $0.26
10th Paid Truman Hayes for teaching $41.72
10th Paid for lumber $1.98
13th Paid Samual Aldrich for 10 cords of wood @ 1.45 a cord $14.50
Apr 6th Advertising for teacher $0.50
6th For black board paint $2.50
May 5th Paid William Stafford for the renewal of the Insurance Company $4.25
Jun 9th One paine of glass $0.25
30th Paid Emery Smith for teaching $95.83
Aug 12th Two paines of glass $0.50
17th Paid Terrence Glasier for work $9.50
17th Paid for work and scanthing [sic] $1.00
23rd One box of chalk $0.25
Sep 12th Paid MrBall for pointing up $1.00
14th Paid Smarts for paints, oils $6.25
Oct 12th Paid Miss Patent for teaching $100.00
Nov 24th One Broom $0.25
24th One box of chalk $0.25
Dec 18th One pain of glass $0.25
20th Paid Freddie Hayes $6.75
20th For interest on money $7.00
Dec 20th Paid Miss Beturl [sic] $70.00




1919 June –  Class (Photo #3)


1919 Class- Front Row: Jimmy Deir, Geraldine Dier, Florence Green, Marion Murray, Vera Murray
Back Row: Mamie Deir, Newton Pettem, Bernard Stewart, Percy Tackaberry, Miss Leacock (Teacher), Arthur Tackaberry, Jerome Deir, Artinsa Pettem, Ian Stewart (photo #4)


1920c Class –Front Row: Joe Deir, Walter Darling, Florence Anderson, James Deir, Marion Murray, Tom Gilroy, Fred Darling
Back Row: Vera Murray, Adella Anderson, Agnes McCrae (Teacher), Arthur Tackaberry, Mamie Deir, Geraldine Deir (photo #5)





1925c Class at Spring Valley (photo #6)


1935 November, Class (Photo #7)


1937 Class – Front Row: Donald I. Stewart, Ruth Bowen, Rhoda Haley, Gerald Darling, Roy Bradley
Back Row: Miss Beryl Snider (Teacher), Harold Murray, Clarence Darling, Alan Darling (photo #8)


1950c Spring Valley Class (photo #9)



1954 School Choir at the Lions Music – Festival Front Row: James Taggart, Rosemary Beach, Maria Bax, Dorothy Ellis, Leota Perkins, Jeanette Bax, Gail Quinn, Geraldine Mulder
Back Row: Sydney Bolton, William Taggart, Albert Mulder, Donna Tristram, Shirley Cooke, Richard Goodfellow, Robert Ellis, William Gilroy (photo #10)






1954 Class: Front: William Taggart, Ronald Perkins, Jimmy Taggart, Glen Perkins, ? Ellis, ? Ellis, ??, Bonnie McDougall, Anne Mearma,Tommy Gilroy, Joan Mulder, Geraldine Mulder Middle: Dickie Dier, John Benton, Martha Bolton, Stanley Perkins, Leota Perkins, ??, Robert Ellis, ??, Sidney Bolton, Rosemary Beach, Maria Bax, Bee Gilroy Back: Mrs. Barrington, Albert Mulder, ??, Jeanette Bax, Shirley Cook, ??, Donna Tristam and ? Murray. (Photo #11)



1955c – Children who helped make a Quilt – Front Row: Billy Gilroy, Stanley Perkins, Ann Merema, Joan Mulder, Bonnie MacDougal, Diane Davis
Middle Row: Albert Mulder, Bill Taggart, Dick Deir, Gail Quinn, Robert Ellis, Rosemary Beach, Geraldine Mulder
Back Row: Maria Bax, Donna Tristram, Shirley Cooke, Jeannette Bax, Leota Perkins (photo #12)


1955c Spring Cleaning (Photo #13)


1965- Last Class at the school (photo#14)


June 1965- Invitation to the school closing (Photo #15)


Teachers at Spring Valley

1884-1885 Miss Ida Conners

1903 Miss Miriam McConkey (24 pupils in her class)

1904-1907 Miss Lena Davis

1907-1908 Miss Elizabeth Sheldon (pupils averaged 14 to 20)

1878 Miss Jennie Grant

1879 Miss Jennie Barrington

1900 Miss M. Grant

1900 Miss Kendall

1901-1902 Miss Kennedy (27 pupils in her class)

1910 Miss Ethel Brown

1910-1911 Miss Grace Stewart

1911-1912 Miss Grace Bolin

1911-1913 Miss Anna Elliott

1911-1913 Miss Carrie Covey

1911-1913 Miss Alma Stevens

1916-1917 Miss Eleda Beach

1919 Miss Leah Hough

1920 Miss Marion Davidson

1921 Miss Mildred Leacock

1921-1922 Miss Marjorie Godkin

1923-1925 Miss Agnes McCrea

1925-1934 Miss Irene Moore

1934 Miss Melba Dilworth

1935-1937 Miss Elma Weatherhead

1937 Miss Edne Snider

1949-1953 Mrs. Helen Male

1953-1954 Mrs. Elma Barrington

1954-1956 Mrs. Ruth Foster

1956 Mrs. Helen Kilborn (Sep-Nov)

1956-Mrs. Margaret Miller

Other Teachers for who the dates they taught are unknown are:

Miss Ethel Olds

Miss E. Tennant

Mr. A. Davidson

Miss Anderson

Mr. Truman Hayes

Miss Maria McDonald

Miss Eliza Galbraith

Miss Grace McConkey (lived at New Dublin and rode her bicycle to school every day morning and night a distance of 4 miles)

Miss Laura Clow

Miss Hough

Miss M. Godkin


Mrs. Grace Bolin and Son Stewart in 1922 (photo #16)
Mrs. Grace Bolin who taught in 1911-1912 (photo #17)











Former Teachers gather at school closing in 1965 (photo #18)


Class of 1957 (photo #19)


1938 – Spring Valley School (photo #20)


1965 – Spring Valley School Closes (photo #21)


Spring Valley at the annual school fair for the area schools. Notice the small model of the school and the hats that the children are wearing are of he school. No date on the photo but from the clothing styles late 1920’s (photo #22)




1978 the school becomes a community hall (photo #23)


1862 School Tax Roll

Name Conn Lot Amount £
Ianus Cameron 4 RS 26 £75.00
John & Richard Taylor 4 Pt 26 £100.00
John & Richard Taylor 4 Pt 22 £25.00
Russell Darling 4 FPT 29 £125.00
Russell Darling 4 Pt 25 £100.00
Joseph Fletcher 4 RP 24,25 £175.00
Avery Wright 4 Pt 21,22 £200.00
Abraham Nibblets & Lang 4 Pt of 21,22 £100.00
Patrick Kugan 5 Pt 20 £50.00
John Rigby 5 Pt 20 £50.00
William Lamb 5 Pt 22,23 £350.00
William Rogers 5 PT 22,23,21 £425.00
Gabriel Worden 4&5 21,22,25 £1,500.00
John Boyd 5 Pt 22,23 £350.00
James Bryan & Son 5 Pt 24 £125.00
Eli Cole 5 F 24 £300.00
Joseph & ?? Bath 5 F 1/2 25 £200.00
James Anderson 5 Pt 24 £100.00
Thomas Achison 5 Lot 26 £350.00
Frederick Moore 4 REP 25 £250.00
Samuel Flint 5 Pt 24 £300.00
?? Moore 4 Pt 21, 22 £250.00
James Campbell 4 R 27 £100.00


If anyone has any information or photographs of the Spring Valley School and would like to add to our history, please contact us.