Sherwood Springs – A One Room School House in Elizabethtown

Sherwood Springs School

School Sectional #3 Elizabethtown

 School Sectional # 1 Front of Yonge


The first school building was made of logs and located on the west side of Sherwood Springs Road, near the site of Jim Eligh’s brick house. It was started in 1851, but not opened until January 3, 1854. The second school structure was a framed building built on the north side of Hwy 2 across from where Sherwood Springs Rd. now meets Hwy #2. This building was purchased by Fred Latham and moved down to the opposite side of the road and a second story was added.[2]

The third school was located on Hwy #2, where Woodland Park Zoo was built after the school closed. The school, built in 1907, was closed in 1956 with an enrolment of 20 students.

As a shared school between Elizabethtown and Front of Yonge Townships, students from both townships used the school and costs were shared between the townships.

The building still exists and is located at 1764 Highway #2 west.


School Superintendents Report (Ontario Archives)

Shows the following information, which in some cases contradicts what we have already researched, and contradicts other filed School Superintendents Reports:

1850: Stone building, 30×36 in size, constructed in 1844, condition: Good

1854: report combined with SS#5


The following information was extracted from the motion papers of the Elizabethtown Council 1855-1873:


That the union of School sections no 3 & 5 be dissolved and that all resolutions uniting the same be rendered the same as if said divisions ere never united at the request of a public meeting held for that purpose signed by Henry Clow, Chairman- 1858
Annual school meeting of School Section No 3 of the freeholders and householders of said section, acceptance of financial report; that we have a free school this year; that Wm Clow & Mr.S.Fulford be auditors for the ensuing year; that one chord of wood be delivered at the school house and cut by each scholar that the teacher measure the wood and if it falls short that the person who brought it shall bring another chord; that the persons who send children to school shall board the teacher- 1862
That the petition of the trustees of School Section No 3 be complied with and that the sum of $140. clear of expenses be levied and collected on the rateable property of said school section for school purposes for the currant year 1865
that the Clerk be instructed to prepare a Bylaw to unite School Sections No.3 and No.5 into one section agreeable to the request of the rate payers of said sections- 1869
that the application of the Trustees of School section No.3 be complied with and the sum of $18 be levied and collected on the rateable property of said section exclusive of expenses – 1869
that the Trustees of School Section No 3 be paid the sum of $240 the amount levied on said section for School purposes and the Clerk order the said amount to be paid to William Wilson-1873[1]

[1] Lyn Museum Archives

[2] Education in Front of Yonge 1784-2000 by Sandra Wells 2008


1921 – Grace Cole (Teacher) with Harold Eligh (photo #1)


1935c Class (photo #2)


1942 Class – Front Row: Yvonne Shipman, Beverly Birtch, Charlie Foley Middle Row: Bryce Birtch, Everett Birtch, Oscar Shipman Jr., Borden Shipman Back Row: Jean Latham (Teacher) Helen Shipman, Shirley Shipman, Annabelle Friday (photo #3)


1950-51 Class- Front Row: Reginald Shipman, Sandy Simpson, Arthur Somerville, Gary Latham, Allan Cooney, Butch Ranger, Beverly Somerville, Beverly Cooney Middle Row: Murray Belbeck, Colin Cooney, Earl hipman, Dorrene Somerville, Jane Belbeck, Barbara Simpson Back Row: Albert Shipman, Charlie Foley, Mrs. Hanna (Teacher), Borden Shipman, Fred Harper (photo #4)


1953 Class – Front Row: Wayne Birtch, Steve Smith, Bobby Marjinson, Terry Dunn, David Hodge, Dwayne Latham, Murray Latham, Linda Latham, Judy Simpson, Unknown Dawson Second Row: Unknown Dwson, Unknown, Marjorie Harper, David Jones, Sharon Cardinal, Larry Cardinal, Marlene Eyre, Delrena Shipman Third Row: Terry Latham, Unk Dawson, Reginald Shipman, Vincent Ranger Back Row: Roger Birtch, Earl Shipman, Gary Latham- Tracher Mrs. Roseberry (photo #5)


1956 Class –Front Row: John Simpson, Donnie Birtch, Nicolas Bakker, Gary Newton, Lee Herbison, Susan Smith, Barbara Birtch, Helen Dunn
Middle Row: Ronnie Dunn, Raymond Hodge, Wayne Birtch, Robert Eyre, William Latham, Clinton Marginson, Larry Dunn, Penny Whitcroft, Diane Latham
Back Row: Donald Francs, Murray Latham, Jimmy Hodge
Teacher was Grace Eligh (photo #6)


1957 – Last Class to attend the school at recess (photo #7)



Grace Eligh the last teacher at Sherwood Springs School (photo #8)


Sherwood Springs School c1920 (photo #9)
Sherwood Springs School (photo #10)


Sherwood Springs School 1980 (photo #11)