Mallorytown Telephone Company

The Mallorytown Telephone Company was just one of hundreds small companies that dotted the rural landscape to serve local needs. It served both the Mallorytown and Lyn, Ontario phone requirements. The service connected with Bell Telephone at Mallorytown. In Lyn their exchange was located in the bottom floor of the Pergau Building on Main Street. The upper floor of the building was open and a place where local dances and events were held.

We are fortunate to have in our collection one of their telephone directories from November 1943. We have scanned and posted all of the pages here for your information.



Pergau Building on the left, Main Street in Lyn – October 1922 (photo #1)



Pergau Building, October 1922 (photo #2)
Pergau Building, Lyn c1972 (photo #3)











The following is a copy of the Mallorytown Telephone Directory from November 1913


Front page of directory (photo #4)


Page 2 (photo #5)


Page 3 (photo #6)


Page 4 (photo #7)


Back cover of the directory (photo #8)


Invoice from July 1936 (photo #9)


Invoice from July 1937 (photo #10)


Invoice from July 1935 (photo #11)